Yes, a careers site can outrank job boards and even Indeed in Google Search

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When recruiters think SEO and Google rankings, they assume that Indeed and job boards dominate the search result pages, and that careers sites for both individual businesses and companies with

Is Bing Innovating More than Google for Job Search Results?

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When we think about the big players for online recruitment, what springs to mind? Chances are Google, LinkedIn and Indeed are almost always at the top of the list. But

Why LinkedIn is More Important Than Ever in Recruitment

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn has been leading the way in the social media recruitment market for some time now. Facebook and Instagram may be leading in the social networking

3 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Attraction Strategy

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At Enhance Media, we are big advocates of using research and analytics to inform recruitment strategy. If you have a position to fill and know exactly what will motivate your

How HireCast Can Help Your Recruitment Strategy

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Enhance Media’s HireCast interactive recruitment video service is a fantastically flexible solution that can solve a multitude of recruitment problems. To demonstrate this, we’ve released the first in a series

Why is Job-Hopping on the Rise?

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The days of employees staying in a job for life seem to be well and truly over. A recent Monster survey shows that the average employee turnover rate is 15%

How to Recruit the Next Generation

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With the much-maligned millennials now a fully established part of the workforce, recruiters have a new challenge on their hands with Generation Z. Gen Z are starting to make their

Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

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There are record lows in unemployment, a shortage of skilled candidates in sectors such as IT, Construction and Healthcare, as well as an increased demand for permanent staff form employers.

What Next For Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs, News

With the much-anticipated Google for Jobs launching in the UK to much fanfare and success, the recruitment industry as a whole took some getting used to with this disruptive new

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Making Video Content

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Read how to avoid 5 common mistakes when making video content.

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