How HireCast Can Help Your Recruitment Strategy

Enhance Media’s HireCast interactive recruitment video service is a fantastically flexible solution that can solve a multitude of

Enhance Media’s HireCast interactive recruitment video service is a fantastically flexible solution that can solve a multitude of recruitment problems. To demonstrate this, we’ve released the first in a series of case studies, detailing how we helped companies with their specific recruitment problems.

You can read our John Lewis & Partners case study here. We’ll be releasing more soon, so make sure to check back.

Whilst this case studies demonstrate how HireCast has been able to help John Lewis & Partners, how can you be sure that HireCast can help you with your specific recruitment issues?

Here are three reasons that HireCast can help your recruitment strategy.

Bespoke Content

HireCast works in a variety of situations as it’s a completely bespoke solution. Within a quick turnaround time, we extensively plan and storyboard each HireCast individually, with your specific role and issues in mind.

Here are a few examples of customs formats we have used before:

Looking to attract students for apprenticeships?

HireCast works on a variety of devices and websites

We’ve made HireCasts specifically for apprenticeships, where viewers choose their own branching paths for either students, parents or teachers, within the same video. These paths then focus on the relevant aspects of the course for each and don’t burden them with information superfluous to them.

This worked well as the path for teachers focused on how students would be learning, whilst the student path made the scheme about the independence and fun aspects of the role.

Looking to mass hire for a role over various locations?

We can create an individual HireCast that explains the job role in an entertaining and informative manner, whilst using an integrated map feature, to allow candidates to find the nearest location to them. This then allows you to showcase that specific location through the use of multiple interactive features

Because of these interactive features, we can offer you a fantastic ROI for an interactive job description that can be applied to multiple locations.

Need to attract candidates in a highly competitive, candidate lead market?

We’ve created many HireCasts in industries where qualified candidates are rare and highly sought after, such as IT and engineering. As HireCast is a visual medium, we can showcase the most attractive parts of your job role to potential applicants.

These could include a great office location, fantastic working environment or what a great team you have. We can focus on the best parts of your role, and sell this to candidates, attracting them to you.

These are just some of the ways HireCast can be used, and for more specific examples, read our case studies.

Video is Good, but Interactive Video is Better!

Whilst video is undoubtedly a popular medium, with research showing that one-third of all online activity is spent watching video, interactive video makes the experience that much more engaging.

Our own research has found that interactive video is 5 times more effective at getting candidate engagement than traditional, flat video. Also, by using interactive features, you can pack a microsite’s worth of information into a short, concise video.

Interactive features can dramatically increase engagement

Best of all, candidates can choose exactly what information is relevant to them, so they don’t have to sit through any unnecessary details like they would with a traditional flat video.

Interactive video is by its nature more memorable than flat video. Because candidates are actively engaging with the content, rather than passively watching, they will remember more information. Our research showed that 90% of candidates were able to recall at least 2 sections of a HireCast at interview.

Branding Opportunity

HireCast is an excellent way to promote employer branding

HireCast is also an excellent way to promote your employer brand. Firstly, with some employers still opting for text-based job descriptions, it’s a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Secondly, HireCast works fantastically as a tool for social media marketing, and digital marketing in general. Part of the premium HireCast package is the collateral pack, which contains GIFs, trailer videos, teaser animations and pre-written social media posts.

You can use these to effectively market your video across a range of digital channels including job sites, LinkedIn, Facebook and your own ATS system to ensure candidate engagement and guarantee the success of your HireCast.

So those are three reasons why HireCast is the perfect solution for a multitude of recruitment issues. If you would like more information on how HireCast can help you, please visit or contact us at to arrange an informal chat.

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