How to Recruit the Next Generation

With the much-maligned millennials now a fully established part of the workforce, recruiters have a new challenge on

With the much-maligned millennials now a fully established part of the workforce, recruiters have a new challenge on their hands with Generation Z. Gen Z are starting to make their presence felt to recruiters. This generation are now starting to staff graduate and junior roles in greater numbers.


So what makes this generation so different? Well, this generation has grown up in the fallout of the recession, and the rise of social media and the gig economy. This means they have a totally different set of expectations of employers and motivations for seeking employment in the first place.


Also, rather than growing up with changing technology like the millennial generation, Gen Z (those born between 1995 & 2005)are born into a world saturated with touch screens, AI and machine learning. Things that seem futuristic and advanced to past generations are things that Gen Z take granted.


So how do you attract these bright young things?


Make sure you are tech literate


This might seem obvious, but it is vitally important to make sure your digital recruitment strategy is tip-top, especially on mobile devices.


Having a mobile optimised website is very important for attracting young talent

Jason Dorsey, President of the Center for Generational Kinetics, recently stated in a BBC news article: ‘We tell employers, if you can’t apply for a job through a mobile device, then you’re not going to get Gen Z to apply’.


Whilst employers will see the benefits of having employees that are happy to be readily available to work on mobile devices, this expectation works both ways. If your careers site or application process isn’t optimised for mobile devices, you won’t be endearing yourselves to the tech savants of Gen Z.


Video Content is King


It cannot be understated how powerful video content is to this generation. Unlike millennials who can remember a world before online video services like YouTube, Gen Z has always had access to online streaming services and expects employers and recruiters to embrace this medium.


Jason Dorsey advises, ‘For them, professional development in the workforce should look like YouTube, and not a binder. Video is really important.’’


Interactive Video content, such as HireCast, is key to holding the attention of emerging talent


Video services, like video job descriptions, are a great way of engaging with these candidates and also work as a fantastic branding exercise as well.


Motivated by experiences, not things


More so than previous generations, Gen Z are motivated by less tangible benefits. No longer can you rely on just offering the best salary and bonuses to attract this segment of the workforce – you need to sell your role as an exciting, dynamic, and creative endeavour.



Lisa Forrester, director a GCS recruitment, states in an article on attitudes of Gen Z ‘Many from Generation Z overlook lucrative opportunities in favour of creative and exciting projects that they’re passionate about’.


Those looking to recruit from this age group will need to move away from traditional attraction strategies and focus on highlighting how roles offer outlets for creativity, how you’re working on projects that make a difference, or just how your role has a fantastic working environment.


What Steps to take next?


If you are looking to attract top young talent to your graduate scheme or junior role, Enhance Media offer plenty of services to help your recruitment strategy.


From website building and bespoke HireCast Interactive Video services to our extensive research and analytics offering, Enhance Media can help you increase candidate application rates, decrease time to hire and provide a great ROI.


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