How to Attract Candidates that Crave Job Satisfaction

Employees can be a disaffected bunch. With employment currently at record high levels, increasingly recruiters have had to

Employees can be a disaffected bunch. With employment currently at record high levels, increasingly recruiters have had to source candidates that are already employed, and this has proved fertile ground in certain industries.

While employment may be high, job satisfaction is very low, with 57% of UK workers claiming they switched employers for greater job satisfaction. In fact, a survey by Cygnet Jobs came up with the 5 industries with the least amount of job satisfaction:

Utilities – 45%

Retail – 38%

Administrative and Support Services – 32%

Information and Communications – 29%

Hospitality and leisure – 21%

So how can recruiters and employers take advantage of these type of candidates, who are motivated by job satisfaction, rather than traditional driving factors such as higher renumeration?

  • Sell More Than Just Your Role

Highlighting perks like a fantastic location will help your job posting stand out

Firstly, you really have to sell the positive aspects of your role. Rather than just focusing on employee benefits packages, such as remuneration, bonuses and holiday, recruiters also need to focus on the more ancillary benefits.

Showing off your great office building, easy commute, or other side benefits such as gym membership, chill out areas or just a great working environment, can be just as effective. Also, you should highlight other benefits that wouldn’t necessarily spring to mind when advertising for a role, such as local areas of interest, cultural and historical sites.

Remember, these candidates are looking for greater satisfaction in their roles, so demonstrating that your role can be a positive lifestyle change can work wonders for your application rates.

  • Employees Are Your Best Asset

You can write anything on a job description and candidates know this. So, if you want to attract candidates looking for greater job satisfaction, what better way than having current employees telling them how great the role is?

Use happy, well motivated employees to sell your role

With the rise of video job descriptions and candidates using social media to scout for information on their roles, it’s much easier to get candidates to either read or watch employee testimonials. If you are targeting candidates who are dissatisfied with their current role, what could be a more powerful tool for recruiting them than someone who holds the same position as them telling them how great their role at your company is?

Video job descriptions are especially good for this kind of tactic, provided that you use a genuinely happy and enthusiastic employee, who can give prospective candidates a glowing first-hand account of your role. This is easily one of the most authentic ways to sell your role.

  • Sell your Role on Social Media

As mentioned earlier, a large number of candidates use social media to research companies they are interested in. 59% of candidates, in fact. With this in mind, employers would be wise to use their social media accounts to highlight all the positive perks of working in their company.

Social media can be a powerful tool for attracting candidates

Things like celebrating employee achievements (such as qualifications, work anniversaries etc.), highlighting fun work social outings, and showcasing events and exhibitions attended, can demonstrate what a dynamic and enjoyable place of work you have.

Employers and recruiters that effectively use social media can not only increase awareness of their employee brand, but give an unparalleled insight into factors that really affect certain candidates decisions, such as working culture, environment and a companies values. These sentiments are hard to convincingly communicate over standard job descriptions or postings, so if you are looking to take advantage of disaffected employees, make sure you utilise social media.

  • Dealing with Those that Demand Satisfaction

Hopefully this article has given you some pointers on how to attract those candidates disaffected with their current roles. Pitching your role with these candidates in mind can easily increase your application rates, especially in current market conditions.

If you are looking for help with either your job copywriting skills for recruitment, creating compelling interactive video job descriptions, or formulating an award-winning social media recruitment strategy, why not contact us at [email protected].


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