Employees can be a disaffected bunch. With employment currently at record high levels, increasingly recruiters have had to source candidates that are already employed, and this has proved fertile ground in certain industries. While employment may be high, job satisfaction is very low, with 57% of UK workers claiming they switched employers for greater job […]

While it might not be the first social media platform that pops into every recruiter’s mind when they think of sourcing candidates, Facebook can be a great place to attract talent. Part of the reason for this is the platform’s willingness to try new services and features. While some are admittedly just fun distractions (Facebook’s […]

If you’ve spent any amount of time working in the recruitment industry, one phrase you will quickly become familiar with is ‘Competitive Salary’. While it is a popular tactic for those creating job postings to list their offered salary as ‘Competitive’, is this ambiguity around wages costing recruiters and employers’ potential candidates? Some will argue […]

After LinkedIn made changes to its back-end functions in November, promising faster implementation of updates, the platform has recently announced a slew of new features and improvements to existing services. These include an update to Job Alerts, a new dashboard and company hashtags. These may be the first in many shake-ups to the platform, as […]