With the much-maligned millennials now a fully established part of the workforce, recruiters have a new challenge on their hands with Generation Z. Gen Z are starting to make their presence felt to recruiters. This generation are now starting to staff graduate and junior roles in greater numbers.   So what makes this generation so […]

There are record lows in unemployment, a shortage of skilled candidates in sectors such as IT, Construction and Healthcare, as well as an increased demand for permanent staff form employers. Make no mistake, in many industries, it’s a candidate-driven market. With a diminishing pool of suitable candidates and a more competitive marketplace, how do recruiters […]

With the much-anticipated Google for Jobs launching in the UK to much fanfare and success, the recruitment industry as a whole took some getting used to with this disruptive new force in the marketplace.   We saw some backlash from large aggregator sites, with Indeed.com looking to improve its offering by removing RPOs and agencies […]

Research and Analytics. Just looking at these words conjures up images of long sequences of data, exhaustive charts, and eye-wateringly large numbers and statistics. Start talking to anyone about these topics and their first impulse is to rush to the nearest exit, even if that exit is a closed window on the 5th floor. But, […]