Research and Analytics Are Not Your Enemy

Research and Analytics. Just looking at these words conjures up images of long sequences of data, exhaustive charts,

Research and Analytics. Just looking at these words conjures up images of long sequences of data, exhaustive charts, and eye-wateringly large numbers and statistics. Start talking to anyone about these topics and their first impulse is to rush to the nearest exit, even if that exit is a closed window on the 5th floor.

But, despite not being great a conversation starter at dinner parties, research and analytics should play an incredibly important role in forming your recruitment strategy. Would NASA send a man to the moon without doing some serious number crunching to calculate the best trajectory, fuel consumption and oxygen supplies needed? No.

Granted, you probably aren’t planning a mission to the moon. However, by using the same principals, you can ensure that your recruitment campaign doesn’t suffer a failure to launch.

Here are three reasons why research and analysis should be an important part of your strategy

1. Understand Your Market

Thorough research and analytics can help you understand your market, and develop your strategy

First, some well thought out research and analysis will give you a greater understanding of the marketplace. Is there a shortage of candidates in the location you need them? Where do your ideal candidates look for new roles? What will attract these desirable candidates to apply for this role?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer, and this can be achieved by the right mix of candidate research, attraction profiling and competitor analysis. If you know where to find your candidates and what they want, your attraction strategy cannot fail.

Getting this information is going to be vital and brings us nicely to our next point…

2. Inform Your Strategy

Once you’ve understood your market, you can then create a plan to recruit your desired talent. Your research will inform you of what channels are best to advertise on and what you should be promoting in your employer brand, to make your offer enticing to potential applicants.

Because you have the data at hand to make informed decisions you can create a foolproof attraction strategy, and also justify your recruitment strategy to others. Basing recruitment marketing activity on concrete data will demonstrate to internal stakeholders your shrewd and informed decision making

3. Guaranteed ROI

A investment in research can help you carefully plan your costs, guaranteeing a good ROI

Remember the 5 Ps of planning? Otherwise known as proper planning prevents poor performance? With some thorough research and a well thought out plan, you can guarantee a good performance and ROI.

With the correct research, you can have the optimum offer in the best places to guarantee visibility to the right candidates, and you’ll have tweaked your offering to outclass any competitors. You can account for every penny that is going to be spent, and know that it’s going to be creating the maximum impact. In short, when you start recruiting, you already know that you’ll be successful, because you planned for it.

How can we help you?

So how do you go about getting all this data? At Enhance Media, we have created and run the three largest pieces of ongoing online recruitment research in the world, which we like to think makes us the premier recruitment marketing agency. With our level of expertise, we can ensure your recruitment campaigns get you the right candidates in the right time frame and at the right cost.

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