Text interviews – do you think they have legs?

Before you balk at the question, let’s take a look at the potential for altering the format of the traditional

Before you balk at the question, let’s take a look at the potential for altering the format of the traditional interview. One company, Canvas, have already launched a text based interview platform. We’ve also seen a rise in video interviewing, allowing for a more flexible process for both candidate and employer.

The rapid advances in technology around the globe provides us with an opportunity not to be missed, in order to shake up the age-old recruitment process. Who knows, text interviews could be the key to streamlining the snaring of that amazing candidate.

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So, how is the interview process changing?

As a part of the recruitment journey, interviewing is integral and its presence is unlikely to change. However, the days of the domination of the face to face interview could be drawing to a close. We already know that candidate experience is key, so improving the interview process will surely reflect well in terms of candidate experience.

The latest interview news:

  • A data driven approach is becoming a good predictor of strong hires. Businesses such as Google have found that a data driven approach has led to success. In fact a non-data driven approach would increase your weak hires by 20%.


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  • The rise in the use of video interviews offers the advantage of flexibility and also the benefit of documenting the interview for future reference.


  • On the job related assessments are becoming more popular. Giving candidates a problem solving task on the spot allows them to demonstrate job specific skills.


  • AI is being used more and more to assess taped interviews. Facebook are known to use a mix of AI, ML and facial recognition to assess recorded interviews.


  • Candidate experience, candidate experience, candidate experience… We can’t stress it more, it is key that candidates come away having had an excellent experience with you. If not you run the risk of negative reviews of your brand on social media.


Text interviews – the benefits


  • They reduce bias – As candidates can’t be seen or heard, the interviewer is purely rating the candidate on their answers.


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  • Increase speed of hire – Candidates have access to their smartphone 24/7, which means you are not trying to coordinate their schedule and the interviewer’s. Communicating by text will increase the speed of getting a candidate through the recruitment journey. 


  • Save time – Text interviews offer a quick way to streamline candidates into the most appropriate and relevant role. In fact, it takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to texts. Many of us are happier to converse in text format these days than actually speak on our smartphones.


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  • Provide a record – The benefit of communicating by message is that you will always have a record of your conversation. Recruiters can look back at a candidate’s answers after the interview and also show other hiring managers who were not present. In addition, it provides a record of the conversation, should any legal issues arrive.


Incorporate text into your interview process – why wait?

Whilst we think it’s unlikely that text interviews will ever take over the traditional face to face interview, it is definitely a method of interviewing that shouldn’t be overlooked. By incorporating text interviews into your recruiting, you have the potential to save time and increase your speed of hire, amongst other benefits. Don’t miss out on the chance to hire more excellent, suitable candidates for your business.

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