How to create a show stopping LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn, the professional networking channel with around half a billion users, was acquired by Microsoft for a record

LinkedIn, the professional networking channel with around half a billion users, was acquired by Microsoft for a record $26.2 billion. We wonder how many of those half a billion users are capitalising on this huge networking potential – missing out on this much exposure would surely be a silly move. Whether you are actively searching for a position or purely using the channel for its networking opportunities, optimising your profile for maximum visibility is a necessity for success. 

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Some interesting stats…

LinkedIn is one of the oldest standing networking channels, weathering the changing technology world since 2003. The networking channel’s power for job seekers and recruiters is not to be sniffed at, as the stats below show:

  • 227 million active monthly users (log in once a month)

  • The half a million users come from over 200 countries

  • There are more than 10 million active job posts


How can you create a blockbuster LinkedIn profile?

Your profile image

You want your profile image to show you as a friendly, professional individual. It should be a recent head and shoulders shot on a plain background. Leave selfies, family pictures and photos from work nights out for other social networking channels.

Create an impactful profile headline

A catchy profile headline will encourage people to read your full profile. It normally includes your job title, but doesn’t necessarily have to. Readers should be able to identify your area of expertise and the value that you bring. The headline should include any keywords that you plan to use throughout your profile to improve your search rankings in LinkedIn. 

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Write an excellent summary

Your summary is one of the most important parts of your profile, so try to sum up your professional history, qualifications, and personality in one go. This will be where readers buy in to you as a professional.


For each of your previous roles, outline your main responsibilities and achievements, and highlight any skills you gained. Being thorough in these descriptions will show readers that your current experience is reflected throughout your employment history.

These descriptions should include any relevant keywords previously mentioned, as this will effectively strengthen your profile’s search ranking on LinkedIn and therefore increase your visibility to relevant candidates.


Ask current and past colleagues and clients on LinkedIn for recommendations. Recommendations are testimonials from other users that vouch for your professional abilities, and will contribute to your reputation and set you apart from the crowd. This is also a great chance for someone else to tell your connections how valuable you are.

Ignore the power of LinkedIn at your peril

As you can see, by following our simple steps you can create a show-stopping LinkedIn profile. Creating the best possible profile will not only help you to snare the perfect position, but also show you off in the best possible light to any potential future employers. With 227 million monthly users, ignoring the power of this channel is surely a mistake.

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