Winding down for Christmas – not in the recruitment marketplace!

When other industries are starting to think about winding down for Christmas, the recruitment marketplace is still seeing

When other industries are starting to think about winding down for Christmas, the recruitment marketplace is still seeing some exciting developments. With some major social players such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn seeing changes afoot, job boards and recruitment agencies partnering or seeing good amounts of growth. The industry has certainly switched on it’s Christmas lights earlier than usual!

Human resources concept on tablet with hologramLet’s get stuck into the detail:

Social networking channels

Microsoft have finally started integrating into LinkedIn with the introduction of the profile card in Office Apps. Facebook have added a ‘work histories’ option to your profile, you can now create an online CV via the channel to use in your job searches. LinkedIn’s German competitor Xing has announced that revenue has continued to increase month on month.

Job boards

Not surprisingly, the 3 largest businesses; LinkedIn, SEEK and Recruit still control half of the job board market. With job boards seeing a steady uplift in revenue, they show no signs of slowing down. 

Worldwide team building.


Recruitment automation player, Mya, have been successful in raising capital in order to accelerate growth of its world-class AI team, open new offices in Europe to support its ever-growing global customer base, and expand its solution into new job categories say the company in a press release.

Staffing agencies 

Randstad Holding, an Amsterdam based staffing agency who own Monster, have announced consistent profits quarterly. Freelancer marketplace Comet, have been successful in raising £2million to expand into Europe and France.

Business success with growing, rising charts and businessman in background


So what does this really mean?

Recruitment, like any other business is becoming more and more reliant on AI and automation. In the next year or so we will see more and more recruiters and job boards utilising this side of technology. Job boards will continue to see a steady rise, as much as we like automation, we still like to connect with individuals personally. We will see more jostling in the social arena, with Microsoft integrating more of its features into LinkedIn and vice versa. But with high hitters such as Facebook and Google dipping their big toes into the recruitment pool Microsoft had better watch their backs. Exciting times ahead.

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