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We’re excited to bring you the latest news on Google for Jobs, a company-wide initiative to help job

We’re excited to bring you the latest news on Google for Jobs, a company-wide initiative to help job seekers and employees, using artificial intelligence and Google’s Cloud Jobs Discovery. Google recently revealed that the Cloud Jobs Discovery service is entering beta, meaning that it will not only enable you to reach potential candidates on job boards and career sites, but also through agencies and applicant tracking systems.

We are experts in Google for Jobs and would love to help advise you on how to integrate the system into your business when it is fully available.

The low-down for recruiters

Cloud Job Discovery aims to be as good at career searches as Google is at other searches. It has the ability to recognise company jargon, detect the meanings of titles, offer street level address mapping and many more features. For example, a search for ‘medical assistant’ roles will return specifically those kinds of roles and not ‘assistant’ roles with ‘medical’ benefits, as a regular keyword search would.

Cloud Jobs Discovery uses:

  • Job Data Models

  • Machine Learning

  • Cloud Job Analytics

The service is also be available in over 100 languages, increasing your exposure to excellent candidates by breaking down global barriers for recruiters.

What do Google say?

The service has been available through early access for the last 10 months, with players such as Jibe, a company producing candidate experience and recruiting software, coming on board. Google say:

“Job Discovery provides plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, enabling the entire recruiting ecosystem – company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems, and staffing agencies to improve job site engagement and candidate conversion.”

The service claims to have a better understanding of both job content and the intent of job seekers.

New horizons for the world of recruiting

The world of recruitment is becoming a smaller place, with Google making searching smarter by adding their expertise to the marketplace, there really is no excuse to miss that amazing candidate. Enhance Media are experts in Google for Jobs – speak to us about how your business could use this new offering, in order to see a huge increase in the flow of the most relevant candidates applying for your roles.

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