Build Your Brands Authenticity with Live Streaming

It’s a tough market out there, as you well know, you have to work extremely hard to capture the

It’s a tough market out there, as you well know, you have to work extremely hard to capture the perfect candidate’s attention. With live streaming you are giving potential candidates a window into your world, what better way is there to build authenticity? In fact, 80% of people would rather watch live video than read a blog and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social media posts!

The benefits of live streaming

Live video has seen a huge increase and its popularity is expected to increase further in the future, so much so that it is predicted that online videos will account for 80% of all online traffic. If you want candidates to think that your company is the place to be, you need to get involved with live video!

Live streaming offers you the chance to connect with your audience. It’s great in many ways as it’s:

  • Unscripted

  • Unedited

  • Immediate

  • Authentic

Going ‘live’ in recruiting

  • Interviews – Sometimes a face to face interview just isn’t going to work for either party, so make things easier for both of you by holding a live video interview. Google Hangouts is a convenient, free and multi way video platform, making it perfect for this purpose.

  • Screening live events – Is your company holding a recruitment open day or a conference? Stream live coverage to your careers page to give potential candidates a chance to attend, even if they can’t in person. This is sure to increase your candidate reach! Facebook live is a great platform to share this kind of content, what’s even better is that your connections will receive notifications that you are going ‘live’!

  • Showcasing your brand – You are proud of your brand, so why not show it off to potential candidates? An unedited and unscripted view of your business will come across as much more authentic than a promotional video or a piece of text.

  • Holding Q&A sessions – Offer candidates an easy way to find out information on your job roles. For example, a ‘live’ Q & A is a great way to connect with potential candidates and is much more insightful than a FAQs page on your website.

  • Behind the scenes – ‘A day in the life’ at your company gives candidates a real insight into your brand and is a great way to show what it’s really like to work for you. YouTube live, with over 2 million subscribers, is the perfect channel to use for this purpose.

Don’t be shy, go live!

As we’ve seen, going ‘live’ offers candidates a perfect way to gain a sneaky insight into your brand, and by offering ‘live’ footage, you will come across as an authentic and welcoming place to work. Make the most out of platforms such as Facebook and YouTube with their ‘live’ features and Google Hangouts to really capture your candidates’ interest. Going ‘live’ is sure to attract those perfect candidates that we’re all searching for!

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have produced 9 fully interactive video job descriptions for John Lewis Partnership which have been really well received by our resourcing team, hiring managers as well as candidates. We love the natural and honest feel to the videos, the excitement they bring about the role as well as providing a realistic portrayal, and the interactive element helps really bring the role to life. They are really useful as a self-selection tool for candidates to help them decide if it’s the right role for them – much more enlightening and interesting than a traditional job description”

Resourcing Strategy Manager, John Lewis Partnership