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We can now offer programmatic advertising optimising spend across 18 aggregators simultaneously… According to a recent Global Job

We can now offer programmatic advertising optimising spend across 18 aggregators simultaneously…

According to a recent Global Job Seeker Survey, job seekers are using aggregators to search for positions more than any other method of job searching, so much so that 57% of them agree with this. It’s free to advertise on aggregators, and it also gives you access to a much bigger pool of candidates, making it important to get your recruitment marketing strategy right across this medium.
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So how can you get the best out of these ‘free’ ads?

Using Click IQ’s intelligent recruitment marketing platform you can access 18 aggregators all at once, including market leaders such as Indeed, Adzuna and Jobrapido. This will save you time and give you control over where your ads are appearing across all of the aggregators. You can also choose to spend more on the harder to fill positions, with Click IQ managing the process through their intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence.
This intelligent software will enable you to get the most out of your spend, as the technology uses big data analytics and machine learning to ensure that you won’t overspend on easy to fill roles, or underspend on more difficult to fill positions. Using this technology will keep your recruitment marketing on track and ensure that you reach those hard to reach, excellent candidates.

With Click IQ’s platform, you will get…

  • Built in AI/Machine learning – Big data analysis and machine/AI intelligence allows for ongoing learning to improve client advertising.
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  • Campaign management tools – Allows you to set up multiple campaigns, manage your spend and set performance targets.
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  • Programmed big management – Optimises your spend, ensuring you never over or underspend.
  • Analytics dashboard – Create fully customisable reports and gain useful insights into your campaign.


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Why you can’t afford to miss this opportunity

Enhance Media have extensive expertise in the recruitment marketing field, working with Click IQ we can ensure that you are as successful as you possibly can be in snaring the best candidates in the marketplace. By not taking advantage of this opportunity, you run the risk of your competitors getting ahead and reaching those evasive, quality candidates first.

Speak to us today about implementing this programme in your recruitment marketing campaign.

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