What Has Recruitment Marketing Learnt from E-commerce?

Ecommerce, the term covering any kind of business or transaction that involves the transfer of information over the internet, has grown massively

Ecommerce, the term covering any kind of business or transaction that involves the transfer of information over the internet, has grown massively in the last 20 years. The ability to complete a business transaction online has broken down physical barriers, making the world a smaller place to work in. With the level of competition in the recruitment market, if you are not at the top of your game with your digital recruitment marketing, you run the risk of being left behind.

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Recruitment marketing has changed alongside developments in ecommerce

The days of recruitment just being a case of posting a job ad in a newspaper or on a job board are long gone. With developments in technology and the ability to access information anywhere and at any time, we, as recruitment marketers, have to be salespeople of our brand, both off and online. There are many similarities between consumer behaviour online and candidates looking for new opportunities, selling yourself is as important as selling your products.

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For example, 98% of professionals won’t even consider an employer that lacks a LinkedIn Company Page.

Key takeaways from ecommerce

  • CVs are now online profiles – Gone are the days of posting out 100s of CVs in your job search. Professional networks now allow you to set up an online profile, giving readers a concise description of your qualities, experience, and why they should hire you.
  • Move from job boards to social – Job boards are not redundant, however, the digital age has given us many different platforms to search for potential candidates. Social is the perfect opportunity as most of us use it daily in our social lives, where else is there such a big pool of potential, perfect candidates?
  • Branding – Showing off your brand via word of mouth has dropped in terms of perception of a company. However, exposure to millions of people worldwide via professional networks and social channels has grown.
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  • Use of video – Videos can be used to explain a job role, offer an insight into life in an organisation, or for interview purposes. The digital world has opened up a world of possibilities in order to engage with candidates.
  • Easily accessible candidate pool – The internet has made it possible to store a pool of candidate’s information, and get in touch with them easily. You no longer need to trawl through a pile of CVs.

Survival of the fittest

Technology is developing at an amazingly fast speed – allowing your recruitment marketing to slip behind will put you in a poor position to attract candidates. Keeping up with the latest ways of promoting your brand online, along with using the best tools and channels, will keep drawing the very best candidates to you.


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