Promote Your Brand on Social – A Recruiter’s Guide

It should come as no surprise that we’re talking about social media and recruitment, following on from our predictions for the

It should come as no surprise that we’re talking about social media and recruitment, following on from our predictions for the world of social media and recruiting earlier in the year. So what has changed since then, I hear you say? Well, we have recently seen Facebook dabble into the world of recruitment with Facebook Jobs, Instagram with Instagram Stories, Twitter with their Moments, and Connect tab and Snapchat’s new feature, Group chat.

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How will these changes influence our recruiting?

Social recruiting isn’t going to replace recruiting through jobs tabs any time soon, but it does give you another avenue to promote your brand and an alternative way to interact with potential candidates. Social recruiting will grow, that’s for sure.
By having a water tight social recruiting strategy in place, you will ensure that you draw in the perfect candidates for your positions as: 

· 73% of employers find candidates on social
· 79% of job seekers look for jobs on social
· Nearly 50% of all employee referrals come through social media
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These figures confirm that both candidates and recruiters are using social media, so what should we be looking for in terms of recent updates to the social channels?

The channels are evolving

Social recruitment hasn’t changed in essence, our No 1 aim is to show our brand off at its best. What has changed are the tools that the social channels are offering. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have all added tools that allow for sharing of snapshots – this isn’t new – the fact that the messages or images disappear in a set period of time is. Snapchat have added a new feature, group chat, aligning with similar messaging app, Whatsapp.

How can recruiters get the best out of these functions?

  • Instagram Stories, Twitter Moments and Facebook Messenger Day/stories – All offer chat or image sharing but with the content disappearing after a set time, for example, one day. This is a great way to offer potential candidates a sneak peek into your world, sharing your company culture.

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  • Snapchat Group chat – A perfect way to interact with a group of candidates interested in a position, what better way to gain interest than by running a Q & A with the head of department recruiting for the position?

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  • Twitter – Changes in the character limit on tweets mean that names of other Twitter users don’t count towards your 140 character limit. This is great for replying to candidates’ tweets regarding job posts. You could also tweet a job opening to a number of candidates on Twitter at once.
  • Facebook live – Give candidates a ‘day in the life of’ at your company with Facebook Live. The tool now enables you to go live from desktop computer, giving you the chance to go live from your desk.
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  • Snapchat Stories search function – Candidates can now search for discussions around job post on Snapchat Stories, but make sure you are using clear, transferable terms to describe job roles in any chat.

Why you can’t afford to fall behind with social trends

You can’t afford to stick to the old manual ways of recruiting, if you do you run the risk of lagging behind your competitors. Make life easy by using the latest ad technology and the best CV screening tools. Put plans in place as a priority to use the information produced by these tools in a productive and helpful way – if you do this, you are sure to see relevant candidates flooding through your doors.
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