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How to Produce Dynamic Videos for Recruitment

We’ve all got the latest video technology at our fingertips with smart phones, and with the rise in

We’ve all got the latest video technology at our fingertips with smart phones, and with the rise in popularity of image and video apps, we’ve been led to believe that we are budding film producers. But does every recruiter really have the ability to produce top quality videos?

You need to have a clear idea of the story you are telling in the video. The ability to film the story, and then finally, be able to edit it into a finished piece.

How to produce good video

Let’s face it, training to be a film producer is a long and costly process. So how can we, as recruiters, enhance our video skills to get top notch results?
By following these simple tips, you will improve the quality of the videos you are producing, increase confidence in your business and put across the best possible picture to candidates.

When using a smart phone

Stay zoomed out and ensure that you film in a well-lit environment (normally with a light either side of the subject and one behind will be sufficient). Using a tripod will ensure you shoot a steady scene.
phone in girls hand dynamic video

Phone in a girl’s hand, photographing a white cherry blossom in a spring garden

If you have access to one, a DSLR camera is the next step up from a smart phone
It is important to have the ability to attach a wireless mic to the camera, as this will get the best possible sound quality.


dslr camera
Editing software doesn’t need to be costly or complicated
Free software includes iMovie for Mac and movie maker for PC – you can find tutorials for these on YouTube.

Professional photographer equipment on a desk, shooting and photo editing concept, flat lay

Who’s getting it right?

The use of video in recruitment campaigns isn’t exactly new, but not everyone gets it right. We think that these videos are spot on:


Starbucks have used a simple concept here through interviewing current employees. By concentrating on the previous year’s interns, they have made the recruitment process real and given potential candidates a taste of what is waiting for them, should they apply.

starbucks logo


Deloitte have used a gamification concept for their graduate recruitment video, allowing candidates to play the part of a Deloitte employee. Along the way, candidates will be faced with various scenarios where they’ll have to choose how to react. The correct reaction will fall in line with Deloitte’s culture and values. At the end, you can find out more about various departments within the business.

deloitte logo


Uses of video in recruitment

· Showcase your brand – use video on your careers site to show off your fantastic company culture and work environment. A professional video will enhance a candidate’s view of your business.
· Employee testimonials – what better way to advertise your brand and how great it is to work for your company than having current employees rave about the company? Having a current employee talk about work life balance, including the excellent social life that the company offers, could be a real draw to working for you.
· Social promotion – use video to show your company brand to your social community. Encourage sharing of videos via multiple social channels to increase your reach.
· Day in the life of – use video in a job ad to show a potential candidate exactly what the position entails. This allows candidates to self-screen if the job role doesn’t suit, meaning less time wasted for recruiters.
· Video interviewing – improve efficiency by carrying out screening interviews by video, saving you, the recruiter, time and making the hiring process more flexible for the candidate. This is great for remote locations or candidates that are relocating.
· Candidate communication – add a personal touch by sending a quick email out about a new position, containing a video either from a current employee or a senior member of staff, or giving a brief about the role. Candidates will feel part of your business before even applying.

Bridge the gap between static and dynamic videos

With our simple tips you can produce dynamic videos to add value to your recruitment campaigns, meaning there is no need to be left behind producing the same stagnant content. Attract the most ambitious and engaged candidates by showing them that they’d be missing a trick by not applying for your job role.
dynamic static

Dynamic or Static concept, 3D rendering

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have produced 9 fully interactive video job descriptions for John Lewis Partnership which have been really well received by our resourcing team, hiring managers as well as candidates. We love the natural and honest feel to the videos, the excitement they bring about the role as well as providing a realistic portrayal, and the interactive element helps really bring the role to life. They are really useful as a self-selection tool for candidates to help them decide if it’s the right role for them – much more enlightening and interesting than a traditional job description”

Resourcing Strategy Manager, John Lewis Partnership