Google Hire: Google Set to Shake Up The Recruitment Marketplace

When Google announce they are bringing a new product to market, or even just researching, it has the potential to bring fear into

When Google announce they are bringing a new product to market, or even just researching, it has the potential to bring fear into the hearts of any competitor in that particular field. So the launch of Google Hire might just cause some friction in the recruitment market, forcing existing players such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Facebook Jobs, to up their game.


It’s not Google’s first dabble into recruitment as last year Google announced that they were working on a project with CareerBuilder, Jibe and Dice on a jobs API. It has been reported that this was a success and will affect how job data is handled by the search engine across all job boards and recruitment sites.

What is Google Hire?

Google haven’t clarified the specifics of Google Hire; however, it is thought that employers will be able to post jobs and then manage applications with the built-in applicant tracking system (ATS). Currently the home screen of Google Hire is visible to the public but other pages are hidden.


google hiring


Job searchers will have to sign into Google Hire with their Google login details, which raised some initial concerns about privacy, with some even speculating that potential employers could access your Google search history. However, Google clarified to TechRadar that this wouldn’t be the case:

“[Google Hire] will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” the spokesperson clarified. “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application.”


How could this affect the recruitment market?

· Google Hire is rumoured to contain an ATS tool – LinkedIn doesn’t have this and would really like to have one to complete its package, meaning Google Hire could be a real rival here.
· Sites like Indeed live and die by their SEO – Will Google launching their own recruitment package affect how other recruiters are placed in the search rankings?
· Facebook Jobs has the potential to look very simple – Facebook have not long been in the recruitment market – a more complex tool could see candidates saying goodbye to the simple jobs tab.

google for jobs hiring


· Google’s technology is behind the ATS system – Manufacturers of older ATS systems are right to be worried as they already face competition from cloud based systems. Now Google are on the scene, things could get heated.

What to look out for

We eagerly await the full launch of Google Hire, as it will be interesting to see what effect this has on the recruitment marketplace. Look out for other players hunkering down and tightening their marketing strategies. Will this be the next big thing in the recruitment marketplace? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

google hire set to shake up the recruitment marketplace

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