An Introduction to Analytics for Recruitment

Many recruitment professionals want to get a better understanding of their careers website but it’s often difficult to

Many recruitment professionals want to get a better understanding of their careers website but it’s often difficult to know where to start. What you need is accurate data that allows you to measure and improve your conversion rates, but collecting it can be a challenge. Optimising Google Analytics for recruitment is a great solution to this problem. When set up correctly and with recruitment in mind Google Analytics can provide you with insights about successes and areas for improvement on a continual basis in a way that’s easy to access and understand.

Standard vs Recruitment Optimised GA

A standard Google Analytics implementation will track basic information by default, such as the number of visits to your website, the devices used by visitors, and the pages they viewed. However, we think analytics can be even more powerful and relevant when optimised for recruitment such as tracking successful job applications and attributing them to marketing channels.

Here are 4 critical analytics elements that we use to help our clients move their recruitment strategies ahead of the competition:

1. Recruitment Channel Grouping

Google’s default method of classifying where visits to your website are coming from isn’t always easy to understand from a recruitment perspective. That’s why we always re-group visits into recruitment-friendly channels. This allows you to make more informed and accurate decisions about which recruitment marketing channels are converting into applications.

Advantages of using a recruitment channel grouping:

  • Make your data easier to understand and interpret

  • Measure the effectiveness of recruitment marketing and attraction channels

2. Cross-Domain Tracking to Include Your ATS

Almost every employer uses applicant tracking systems where candidates can register for an account and submit an application for a vacancy. This ATS often sits on a separate domain or website which makes it difficult to track a candidate when they move between the careers website and the ATS.

Having an analytics implementation that tracks the full and continuous user journey from the moment a candidate enters your careers website to the moment they submit an application on the ATS allows you to see the full picture and make improvements accordingly.

Advantages of using cross-domain tracking:

  • Track reliable and accurate data that you can trust when making business   decisions

  • Understand the full candidate journey from source to ATS

3. Recording Candidates’ Jobseeking Actions

The purpose of a careers website is to encourage candidates to take certain actions, such as browse vacancies, subscribe to job alerts, and apply for roles. That’s why recording clicks on buttons that are important to the conversion process will help you understand candid behaviour and improve recruitment. Tracking these actions allows you to measure your recruitment KPIs and really understand how candidates are travelling through the recruitment journey on your careers website.

Advantages of recording candidates’ jobseeking actions:

  • Ability to report on the job title, location and reference number for each job application

  • Understand how candidates are behaving on your website over time

4. Customisable Dashboards for Recruitment

Sometimes you need to see important recruitment KPIs at a glance and customisable dashboards are the solution. These can be programmed to show almost any metric that you want to measure easily and instantly. Once set-up they do not require expert analytics knowledge to use them. Our clients love using these to check up on recruitment campaigns and seeing visits and applications for their careers website in real time.

Advantages of customisable dashboards:

  • View and monitor website activity and candidate actions as they happen at any time

  • Compare time periods and gain new insight into how your campaign is unfolding

  • Requires no programming or coding knowledge – everything is built for your needs

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