LinkedIn Exclusive: The Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages is Here

The next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages is one of the most important updates of this year. Other

The next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages is one of the most important updates of this year. Other changes have included updating the mobile app, the addition of new group features and improving job postings – but this is the big one.

Enhance Media have a sneak preview before LinkedIn officially launch the new pages on the 8th September.

What will the new pages look like?

The career pages will be split into two main sections: ‘Life’ and ‘Jobs’.The ‘Life’ section will provide:

1. The opportunity for a candidate to take a personalised journey through the career page by selecting the audience view most relevant to their job search (point 3 below).

2. Content from featured leaders and employees, with links to their profiles to enable job seekers to find out more about potential future colleagues.

3. More opportunities for images, video and links to other social channels (point 4 below).

The new ‘Life’ section is designed to improve the candidate journey and provide employers with more opportunities to give insight into their company culture and priority roles.

The improved ‘Jobs’ section means that:

1. Live roles will be placed front and centre stage in a separate tab (point 2 above).

2. The live jobs displayed will match the candidate’s skills and previous job history (point 1 above).

3. Most importantly there are more calls to action throughout, such as ‘See jobs/Apply for jobs’ (point 1 above).

Better pages: Better measurement?

LinkedIn is not inexpensive so, as self-proclaimed data geeks, we’re always concerned with how our clients will measure the performance of their LinkedIn assets.The pages come with a brand new analysis module too, allowing you to:

  • Measure visitor growth and frequency.

  • View the types of talent visiting the page.

  • Understand how candidates are engaging with the page.

So what’s next?

The new career pages launch on September the 8th.Between then and Christmas we anticipate companies and their agencies trying to update their pages to the new format, learning how to build the new pages whilst adding value to candidates.

Alternatively you might consider contacting Enhance Media who are already prepared with a lower-cost, “in-the-box” solution for the new career pages.

This is a big change and a great new way for LinkedIn to add value to employers.

Here’s our top tips on managing your LinkedIn Career Page:

1. Share content that has a professional audience in mind, this could include business innovation, insights into various teams, awards and team events. Make sure your content is tailored for each channel you use, don’t post the same things across all your social media channels.

2. Use showcase pages effectively to promote your business areas, particularly if you are recruiting heavily for one or two specific areas over the next 12 months. Showcase pages allow you to create and share content and imagery to a specific audience.

3. Write an exciting mission statement/vision that immediately engages potential candidates and let’s them know what your company is all about. Don’t copy text from your website or other social channels, make it unique for LinkedIn.

4. Drive engagement by posting compelling rich media and thumbnails in status updates that link back to blog posts from your own careers website.

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have partnered with Reed Exhibitions globally to help us to improve our candidate attraction practices. They created a social media strategy including a review of leading platforms resulting in a more consolidated approach which improved coordination and saved costs. Enhance Media designed and build a new careers page for Reed Exhibitions and project manage our social media posting. Our teams enjoy working with the Enhance project group, we respect their professional approach, customer focus and flexibility”

Global Human Resources Director, Reed Exhibitions