What Can Recruitment Learn from the Olympics?

With the world watching, the Olympics are the perfect stage to broadcast a message to a global audience

With the world watching, the Olympics are the perfect stage to broadcast a message to a global audience and brands are investing in digital innovation to provide audiences with fully immersive experiences.

Here are three ways recruitment can learn from global brands enhancing their audience’s experiences at the games.

1. Virtual Reality and 360 Video

The BBC have launched a new ‘Taster’ 360 website in time for the Olympic Games. Viewers will be able to watch live 360-degree footage filmed by the Olympic Broadcasting Service. The opening and closing ceremonies, one event per day and a daily video highlights package will all be filmed in 360, over 100 hours of footage in total.

360 video from the women’s gymnastics all-round final featuring American Simone Biles (pictured).

Traditionally seen as a gaming tool, we are starting to see more of the possibilities of VR and 360 in recruitment.

Glassdoor stats state that over 67% of employers think their retention rates would be higher if candidates had a clearer picture of what to expect from a company before expecting a job offer.

It’s an area Enhance Media are investing in and we’re already seeing employers using it to gain first mover advantage over competitors.

VR and 360 video provide companies with the opportunity to give candidates the insights they desire and this is only going to grow. Contact us or check out our full post on enhancing your recruitment strategy with immersive video.

2. Social Media

With users preferring to be participants rather than spectators, Rio 2016 was the first Olympics that saw brands use social media in a deeper and more meaningful way. Big brands are achieving this by helping participants to connect with live moments and sharing human stories instead of promoting product features.

Part of Coca Cola’s #ThatsGold Olympic campaign

Coca Cola are set up a fully operational “real-time marketing” global hub in Rio de Janeiro. The unit monitored the social conversation during the Games and created content around key moments in real time.

The inspiration for recruitment? It’s not about pushing a company’s message or available jobs.The desire from candidates is to be a participant! This has been coming alive via live streaming, using tools such as Periscope, and competitions that request user-generated content such as participant pictures.

Showing Periscope working on a mobile

3. Second screen viewing

According to the Global Web Index, 85% of Olympic viewers use a second-screen device to view the games. This reflects users desiring the flexibility to watch whatever event they want at their own convenience, on any of their devices and their TVs.

Brands such as Microsoft and Samsung are using technological innovations such as cloud hosting, live and on-demand streaming services and app development to meet user requirements.

Google has built upon its existing technologies by adding schedules and more into its search function

We hope you enjoyed this highlight on how recruitment can learn from the Olympics. Build on what you have already and take inspiration from the innovation shown during this three week spectacular to enhance your recruitment experience.

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