How to Create a Unique User Journey for EVERY Website Visitor

What is dynamic content? Dynamic content on a website or in an email newsletter is displayed to a

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content on a website or in an email newsletter is displayed to a user as a direct response to their actions. These tailored reactions are displayed as a result of a click on a website that indicates a specific area or route of interest.

How would this work on your website?

For example, if a candidate is to visit a careers website and take an initial journey through the head office section and then more specifically marketing, the dynamic content set-up should serve them jobs or content related to both head office and marketing. This should continue when the candidate moves onto other areas such as finding out about the company benefits offered or the CSR policy. The set-up should allow the candidate’s journey through the website to be followed and remembered, serving each individual user content that matches their own unique requirements.

How would you achieve this?

Analytics experts within your marketing team can use tools such as tracking pixels, cookies and journey planners to set up dynamic content optimisation. The information displayed on your website will then adapt and change in real time.

Currently, analytics tools tend to be used to review what has happened on a site in the past and then change elements to improve future results, this is a step further than that!

Why you should consider dynamic content optimisation:

1. There is an average 20% increase in conversion when providing a personalised experience.

2. Personalised click-through-rates result in a 42% higher conversion rate than generic click-through-rates.

3. When surveyed, 56% of online users prefer to visit websites that provide personalised recommendations.

Competition for the best talent continues and it’s no longer enough to simply have an online presence. You’ve got to battle it out with other organisations. The winner is the one who gets – and holds – the attention of the target audience until they apply for that job.

Utilising dynamic content optimisation also means that when a website visitor is greeted with something that resonates with them they know what to do next.

The future of dynamic content optimisation

Dynamic content optimisation is likely to continue to rise as a dominant method of increasing conversion over the next few years. Being able to provide users with at least an element of this type of service early on will allow companies to take the lead and get an edge on competitors.

However, such personalisation of services is not easy. Companies may come up against several technological and strategic challenges. The complexity of systems, access to real-time data and data privacy are all hurdles to overcome. Also, the already challenging integration of a careers website with and ATS, as well as the continuing measurement of data across them both, will mean companies need to have high level buy-in and a clear strategy with the right team in place to achieve this.

Where else can this method be used?

Aside from generating personalised user journeys, this method can also be used to improve your email marketing campaigns. Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Email marketing is often believed to be 3 times more effective for conversion than social media, and there are two methods to maximise results:

1. Segmentation – if a candidate is interested in Head Office jobs, then send them an email newsletter only about Head Office. The ultimate aim is to send the right email to each individual customer.

2. Automated behavioural trigger – this helps you understand how your customers are engaging with your company. Trigger emails offer 152% higher open rates. Automating trigger emails to promote similar or new jobs, welcome new registrations, and retarget are all highly recommended.

To read more about how to use personalised content in marketing campaigns, click here.

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