What are millennials looking for in a recruiter?

What are millennials looking for in a recruiter?

Millennials are a different ball game to more experienced candidates, having grown up in the world of social media and with the ability to immediately have information at their fingertips in the digital marketplace.
As a recruiter, you will need to be responsive to technological updates and utilise the very latest social channels in innovative ways. Do you have a company presence on social channels that are popular with millennials, such as Instagram and Snapchat, and growing channels such as Quora?

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Millennials are taking over the workplace

· 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials in the next 10 years.
· 53.5 million 18-34 year olds are searching for a job today.
· 25% of the US workforce are millennials.

What are the younger generation of workers looking for?

  • Speed and convenience – Millennials have the ‘one click’ mentality, they expect this across all online experiences so your application process must be snappy.


  • The very best technology – Millennials are tech savvy and want you to innovate and improve processes to mirror the speed of technology in their personal lives.
· Material benefits – The younger generation are looking to make big bucks in the quickest way they can, so be clear about progression and perks when marketing a role. 73% of millennials want to be able to customise their benefits, especially as they can customise almost every other aspect of their lives.

· Flexibility – Millennials are coming into the workplace at a time when freelancing and the gig economy is rising, meaning they want flexible hours and the opportunity to work at home.
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· Lifestyle – Channels such as Instagram make it easy to paint an amazing lifestyle, millennials look for this in a place of work so market the cool parts of your workplace.

How to appeal to millennial candidates

  • Technology - Millennials are used to the very best time saving technology - they don’t want to enter a long, drawn out recruitment process. Utilise automation software, otherwise you run the risk of losing their attention.


  • Social media – You need to utilise the most popular social media channels with millennials. A presence on Facebook and LinkedIn is no longer enough, you also need to keep up with the latest trends, and market your brand and job roles across up and coming recruitment channels such as Snapchat.


  • Video – Millennials have grown up with the sharing culture of social media. Show them that they’ll fit in with your company culture by sharing online videos on your website or social channels.

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  • Reputation – Being a review driven generation, millennials are keen to research before they commit. Having a happy company culture will lead to existing employees writing fabulous reviews on Glassdoor review sites.


  • Mobile optimisation – Millennials spend an average of 18 hours per week on their smartphones. Not optimising your website for mobile use and having a mobile application process in place, could seriously put them off applying for your role.


Why it’s key to appeal to the millennial generation

Millennials are dynamic and thirsty and know what they want out of a career - it’s essential as a recruiter that you adopt the right strategy to attract the best of these candidates. By following some simple steps, such as having a strong social media presence, promoting your company culture and utilising technology to streamline your application process, you stand an excellent chance of snaring these hard to catch, talented candidates.


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