How is 2018 shaping up in the world of recruitment marketing?

2017 has been another busy year in the world of recruitment marketing. With more candidates waiting to find their dream job

2017 has been another busy year in the world of recruitment marketing. With more candidates waiting to find their dream job in 2018, getting your recruitment marketing right is crucial to your success! We’ve looked at what is going to be hot in 2018 – technology looks to keep on surprising us with developments, and the GDPR could be a shock positive event for our industry. 

Past, Present, Future

What do recruiters predict for 2018?

  • 70% agree that recruiting automation would increase productivity.
  • 62% of companies plan to spend on AI-powered recruiting software. 
  • 7 in 10 respondents plan to spend less or none at all on traditional advertising, like newspapers and print.

*Figures from Entelo’s 2018 recruiting trends report.

Our top trends for 2018

Technology – 2017 has been a year of leaps in technology. The great thing for recruiting is that it allows us to identify who is interacting with us, our blogs and social media posts. Knowing this information allows us to personalise our approach, pitching our branding in the right format to our target audience. 

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GDPR – It would be easy to panic about the GDPR, but as long as you have processes in place to comply with the existing Data Protection Act, you will be well set up to be compliant in May 2018. We think that it will be a great way to find those elusive candidates, currently inactive in your database, who you have perhaps overlooked for roles. Having a better grip on our data will give us more information at our fingertips. 


AI – It’s been hard to read an article on recruitment or HR in the last few months without AI coming up in the first few paragraphs. Where we once used to associate it with futuristic films, we are now seeing AI as a useful part of our professional lives. Not only is the technology being used in recruiting, helpfully to reduce human bias, but we will also see candidates with AI talent being more successful at snaring positions.

Careers websites – Long gone are the days of newspaper based recruiting. With the advances in technology and ATS, your careers website holds the key to your kingdom. Your careers website should be clearly branded, job posts easily accessible, with relevant and concise descriptions, and simple to follow instructions for application.

Candidate experience – Candidates will remain the most important cog in the recruiting wheel – get their recruitment experience right and they will become part of your recruiting team. Ensuring that you provide good communication, are approachable, and run an efficient recruitment process, will help candidates feel they have had a good experience. In fact, 80% of candidates who had a good experience are more likely to apply to a company again, and 42% who had a bad experience are likely to not apply again (Software Advice). 

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Make 2018 an even more successful year than 2017

To be successful in 2018, we need to keep up with improvements in technology and AI, and ensure that our careers website is the best window to our world. As a recruiter, information is power. If we get all of the above right and are compliant with the new GDPR, we will have information on quality candidates flowing to us. We hope that 2018 is a prosperous year for you!

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