More Exciting Recruitment Insights for 2017 from Giles Guest

Last week we heard from our Director, Giles Guest, talking about what the future holds for the recruitment

Last week we heard from our Director, Giles Guest, talking about what the future holds for the recruitment industry over 2017. Giles talked about what he thought would be the stand out event in recruitment for the coming year and his personal mission, along with Enhance Media’s, for 2017. We were lucky enough to tie Giles down to provide some more useful insights for us.

Over your years in the recruitment industry, what has had the biggest impact on the way we work?

In the recruitment industry we are faced with a plethora of choice in a variety of places, for example you can purchase 20 or 30 Applicant Tracking Systems and the same amount of middleware systems. There is a seemingly endless number of recruitment websites, job boards and social media niche platform and niche connection methods.

The big challenge for recruiters is understanding how to make the choice of which one of these to go for. Going back 10 or 20 years the choice was much more limited, making recruitment arguably simpler!

In terms of Sales and Marketing, how do Enhance Media reach our customers?

Our marketing via mediums such as this newsletter is proving tremendously successful, putting us in the enviable position of a receiving a high number of incoming calls. This is excellent as it reinforces our position as a leader in the online recruitment industry.

Give us a top tip for success in your online recruitment marketing

You can’t improve something that you can’t measure, your first priority should be understanding any business problem in intricate detail, figuring out a solution becomes a lot simpler with this information. The key is having the research and analytics to understand candidate behaviour and how they interact with your brand.

Name 2 things that will shape recruitment in 2017

1. It will be interesting to observe how people respond to the new LinkedIn pages.

2. Indeed’s progress from an aggregator to a recruitment consultancy could be a big new threat to the market, much like the LinkedIn of a few years ago.

Thank you for reading and look out for a future newsletter on my predictions for 2018.

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Giles Guest

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