NORAS (National Online Recruitment Audience Survey), owned by Enhance Media, is the largest piece of online recruitment research in the world.  Download-NORAS-PDF

Provides a unique insight into how job seekers interact with job boards. Combining user numbers and demographic research to provide a highly detailed profile of users of UK job boards, categorised by industry, location, seniority, experience etc. NORAS allows detailed analysis of your users, making it simpler for job boards to analyse and present their relative strength, reach and performance.

Job Board clients include

Job Board Clients

Why Choose NORAS

Delivering unparalleled insight into the market, NORAS:

  • Informs key commercial decisions
  • Drives improved candidate attraction
  • Delivers data and insight

This in turn directly benefits profitability in three key areas:

  • Helping your sales team close business
  • Optimise your marketing spend
  • Improve brand positioning

Our History

  • NORAS has been running since 2002
  • Largest piece of online recruitment research in the world
  • Over 500,000 completed candidate surveys
  • Answers to over 6 million online recruitment questions


Benefit of NORAS

  • Improve understanding of your audience profile
  • Attract better candidates
  • Optimise marketing spend
  • Enhance marketing strategy based on data-led insight into your target audience and overall marketplace
  • Receive detailed information in named competitors enabling benchmarking against key competition
  • Competitor usage analysis
  • Unique data and industry benchmarking
  • Make informed decisions about future job board development

How does it work? 

It’s simple ...   

  1. Module-breaks_NORASBriefing
  2. Agree questions
  3. Build survey
  4. Implement survey on client website
  5. Collect data
  6. Reporting