Google for Jobs has dominated our newsfeed recently, with their launch in the US last year, followed by Latin America, South Africa, India and Canada. They are certainly spreading their ‘recruitment’ wings. By far the most interesting news this quarter has to be that Google are in the pre-launch phase for their ‘for Jobs’ feature […]

Google for Jobs has been big recruitment news recently, initially launching in the US last year, followed by more international launches since the start of the year. Initially Latin America, then South Africa, and most recently India and Canada. But the key question we’ve all been waiting to answer is: How good are Google at […]

Indeed, the worldwide jobs search engine that aggregates job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, staffing firms, associations, and company career pages, have changed their user interface (UI). Indeed was established in the US in 2004 and the beta version of the ‘pay per click’ (PPC) job advertising network was launched in 2005. […]

The days of relying on our gut feeling in recruitment are well and truly over. We need to use carefully sourced data and the right analytics in order to make the best recruiting decisions at this current time. In order to make decisions on our hiring, we should be using ‘people analytics’ or ‘talent analytics’. […]

In its first international launch, Google Search for Jobs comes to Latin America. The launch was announced in January this year with media and job-board affiliates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Google for Jobs was launched in the US back in May last year and is in line with the company’s mission to […]

As in the world of recruiting, social media moves like the speed of light. We blink and the channels have released new features that we need to get to grips with. If we don’t, we can be certain that our competitors already have! We can’t say it often enough, having an excellent social recruitment marketing […]

Video is the new written word from the perspective of marketing. In fact, 82% of people prefer video from a brand to social posts. Our natural human curiosity is satisfied by the visual aspect of video as we get a much better idea of a brand, than words on paper or screen can ever provide […]

Aspiring candidates will often be searching for jobs on the hop, be that on the commute to work, on a mobile device, or over a quick tea break or lunch. If your job ad isn’t straight to the point, you run the risk of falling out of their very limited attention span. We can help […]

Now we’re not saying that recruiting isn’t challenging as a whole, but we’d be here all day if we covered the lot! We’ve chosen to focus on the 5 top challenges faced by our industry today. As we’re constantly saying, recruitment is evolving very quickly. Alongside this, it’s hard to tell whether we are going […]

We talk a lot about social media in the recruitment marketing world, which is not surprising considering there are 3.03 billion active social media users in the world. Brands are putting more and more emphasis on the power of social media for marketing, in fact 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media […]