THE Google for Jobs stats you’ve been waiting for

Following Google for Jobs many international launches in the US, the UK, Latin America, South Africa, India and

Following Google for Jobs many international launches in the US, the UK, Latin America, South Africa, India and Canada, the key question we’ve all been waiting to answer is: How good are Google at the recruitment game? Is the quality of the traffic that the ‘for Jobs’ site is generating amazing or pretty standard?

The low down on the recent GFJ launches…

Google have not been slow in their quest to conquer the recruitment market. If you’re a job board take cover now, as the Google effect may be coming to a country near you!

Google say that since the launch of Google for Jobs int he US, it has seen 60 percent more employers showing jobs in search results. This has connected tens of millions of people to new job opportunities.

What you’ve been waiting for… is it worth listing with Google for Jobs?

Looking at the stats of some of our clients, it seems that Google are doing pretty well in the recruitment game so far. We’ve come to the following conclusions:

–          83% of the candidates our clients have received from GFJ are new users, which means they may not have visited their careers site if they hadn’t come via GFJ. This tells us that GFJ should help employers increase their brand reach.

–          The quality of the traffic from GFJ is extremely high – 62% of users started the job application process.

–          82% of users in the US clicked on the Apply Now button, again indicating that quality of traffic is high.


The Google for Jobs effect

So Google are clearly not stopping at a couple of continents on their worldwide quest for recruitment domination. Although what could seem initially like a dabble in the recruitment market is clearly producing quality results.

Seeing that our clients have experienced an uplift in new users and also genuine candidates applying for their roles, we can’t fault what Google is doing so far.

Watch this space as we continue to bring you THE data you’ve been waiting for on Google for Jobs…

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