Data and analytics are essential to be successful in recruitment

The days of relying on our gut feeling in recruitment are well and truly over. We need to

The days of relying on our gut feeling in recruitment are well and truly over. We need to use carefully sourced data and the right analytics in order to make the best recruiting decisions at this current time.

In order to make decisions on our hiring, we should be using ‘people analytics’ or ‘talent analytics’. This will inform our recruitment marketing, enable us to filter prospective candidates, find outliers, plan our interviews, and decide which existing staff to retain and promote.

Should you believe us?

We’re not the only ones to think this: “People analytics tools will become a “must-have” for HR teams and recruiters.” – Josh Bersin, Deloitte

How can Enhance Media help you?

By providing incisive data sourcing strategies tailored to your unique hiring needs, we deliver improved ROI and ensure that you achieve the maximum value from your data. We think that in this year, data analytics will change in the following ways:

  • The demand for collecting and interpreting website data is increasing – In a changing digital world, we need to ensure that the tools we use to gather and analyse information are up to the job. We anticipate further enhancements to products such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, and Google Data Studio. This will allow for more sophisticated tracking and data visualisation capabilities. Fortunately, we are experts in these products.

  • The bar will be raised – An out-of-the-box solution for analytics will not cut the mustard this year. Analytics specialists at Enhance Media know how to optimise the use of market-leading tools to record and analyse data in the way you want. We have the knowhow to optimise and make your analytics investment go as far as possible.
  • There’s no doubt that mobile usage will continue to increase – This has a huge impact on all aspects of analytics and measurement, from the intricacies of how to track user journeys across device types, to the ways of optimising conversion rates on smaller screens.

Speak to us before your competition do

Following your gut instinct in recruiting may have worked a few years ago, but it’s not going to cut it in the changing digital world. If you work with us, we will put an emphasis on maximising your marketing ROI by providing incisive data sourcing strategies. We will advise your organisation on the best analytics to get the right information that will improve your recruiting.

By working with us, you’ll reduce the time wasted working out what works and what doesn’t for your organisation.

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