Interactive Recruitment Video: How Can Recruiters Use It?

Video is the new written word from the perspective of marketing. In fact, 82% of people prefer video

Video is the new written word from the perspective of marketing. In fact, 82% of people prefer video from a brand to social posts. Our natural human curiosity is satisfied by the visual aspect of video as we get a much better idea of a brand, than words on paper or screen can ever provide us. It’s no surprise that technology company Cisco predicts global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic in the next 8 months.

There are a wide range of options for the use of video in recruitment marketing, here at Enhance Media we have seen some great success with interactive video, read on to find out more.

What is interactive video?

Video can be a passive viewer experience but interactive video can take viewer’s involvement to the next level.

Interactive video encourages viewers to engage with the content. From simply giving the viewer the option to find out more about the topic, to requiring the viewer to either answer questions or make a decision which can then inform how the video story unfolds, interactive elements allow viewers to personalise their experience.

Interactive options tend to lead to higher engagement, longer viewing times and viewers taking away a stronger message.

Who’s using it well?

Warner Brothers – Focus on the Con

Warner Bros wanted to attract millennials to watch their film, Focus. ‘Focus on the con’ helps the audience to engage with the main character through a mini game. It’s a fun and entertaining way of attracting attention to the film. Have a go >


John Lewis Partnership – Recruitment

John Lewis Partnership have produced 9 fully interactive video job descriptions, which have been well received by the resourcing team, hiring managers and candidates. Combining the interactive element really brings the roles to life. Watch these videos >

How can you use interactive video for recruitment?

Capture candidate attention – In the same way as informing potential candidates of your culture, interactive video can also be used to capture the attention of passive candidates. You may stand the chance of snaring that perfect passing candidate that just happened to be browsing your company page.

Branding – We can use interactive video to inform potential candidates of our culture and general brand ethos. Deloitte did this by using a gamified experience called ‘will you fit into Deloitte’. Viewers had to walk in the shoes of various employees to discover if the role was a good fit for them. What an excellent way to experience working for an organisation!

Assessment – We can’t escape the fact that we need to assess our candidates. An interactive video may be a good and fun way of early screening, much like the old multi question phone screening. Let’s make the process fun for candidates from the very beginning.

Education and training – There is always an element of training in the recruitment process. You could turn a dry, web-based course into an interactive video. You’re guaranteed to capture your candidate’s attention and send them away with the desired message firmly embedded in their brains.

The perils of missing the benefits of interactive video

One thing is for sure, if you’re not using video in some way, shape or form you are already behind your competition. Interactive video is clearly an excellent way to attract unique talent as it will put you ahead of others purely using the same old tried and tested recruitment videos. We think that interactive video is more than worthwhile adding to your recruitment marketing toolkit.

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have produced 9 fully interactive video job descriptions for John Lewis Partnership which have been really well received by our resourcing team, hiring managers as well as candidates. We love the natural and honest feel to the videos, the excitement they bring about the role as well as providing a realistic portrayal, and the interactive element helps really bring the role to life. They are really useful as a self-selection tool for candidates to help them decide if it’s the right role for them – much more enlightening and interesting than a traditional job description”

Resourcing Strategy Manager, John Lewis Partnership