Take the jargon out of your job ad

Aspiring candidates will often be searching for jobs on the hop, be that on the commute to work,

Aspiring candidates will often be searching for jobs on the hop, be that on the commute to work, on a mobile device, or over a quick tea break or lunch. If your job ad isn’t straight to the point, you run the risk of falling out of their very limited attention span.

We can help you perfect your recruitment marketing strategy, but if your job ads are waffling and hard to understand then candidates you are searching for will scroll on past. If you’re not clear on your ad, how can you expect to attract the right person for your role?



Why job ads are crucial


The best job ads will draw a high proportion of relevant candidates to your role. Whilst it may be tempting to be witty or controversial, be careful as your ad reflects your organisation’s views and culture. As with any advertisement, you must know your audience, their wants and desires, but also be sure of what you can offer your candidates in return.

Did you know:

· 45% of job seekers search for jobs daily on their mobile device.

· 72% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions, while only 36% of candidates agree.

· Nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. (Talent Adore)



How to simplify your job ad:


· Be clear with the job title – Keep in mind what your candidates will be searching for. Use an industry common job title, include the location and your logo if possible. Avoid company abbreviations or acronyms.

· Keep the job description brief – You don’t want candidates browsing for jobs on the bus to zone out on your description. A couple of sentences or around 100 words is sufficient.

· Use bullet points to list ‘must have’ skills – Bullet points keep a list clear. Include must have skills for the role, forget inferred skills such as communication skills – most of us have those anyway, or we hope we do!




· State the hours required and start date – Be direct about whether a position is full time, part time and when you require the position to be filled.

· Reflect your company culture in the tone of the ad – Try to get across your culture in the job ad and think about the language your use. You want to reflect your organisation but also appeal to the type of candidates applying for a particular role.

· Include a short video about your organisation – What better way to reflect the best bits of working for you than having a current employee talking about how much they enjoy working in your organisation?

· State the salary range of the position – This makes it clear to candidates what they can expect and also allows for self-selection, as candidates will know what they are looking for in a salary.

· Be clear about the application process – Clearly state what candidates should expect if they apply for a role, including anticipated time scales.

· Finally add a call to action – Don’t forget to add a link to the application form!


Get the right candidates, when you need them


Getting your job ad to look and sound right is essential for attracting the right candidates. Today’s candidates live in a fast paced world, using their mobile device to search for roles on the go. You need to tailor your job ads to match the desires of these individuals and ensure that your ad is optimised for mobile viewing.

If you fail to do this you may exclude a large proportion of excellent candidates. By following our simple steps on writing a top notch job ad, you’ll attract the very best, most relevant candidates.

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