The 5 biggest challenges recruiters are facing today

Now we’re not saying that recruiting isn’t challenging as a whole, but we’d be here all day if

Now we’re not saying that recruiting isn’t challenging as a whole, but we’d be here all day if we covered the lot! We’ve chosen to focus on the 5 top challenges faced by our industry today. As we’re constantly saying, recruitment is evolving very quickly.

Alongside this, it’s hard to tell whether we are going to face fresh challenges or much the same as the New Year gets fully underway. What isn’t changing is that we are competing against others who are also seeking the best candidates, so we have to find new ways to entice candidates over our competition.


Recruiting trends in 2018

To discover the challenges we face, we need to look at the trends for the coming year. Knowing what is approaching will help us to predict where we need to concentrate time and resource.

In 2018 we will see:

–          Automation rise

–          Changing workforces

–          An increase in social recruitment

–          Candidate experience being a focus

–          A rise in online recruiting

–          Data-driven recruiting


The challenges we face

  • Candidate experience and protecting our brand – More than ever, candidates hold the power. In order to snare the perfectly qualified candidate for your role, you must provide a great candidate experience. If this candidate experience isn’t good, candidates will not be speaking highly of your brand, therefore creating a vicious cycle of preventing you attracting the best people. If you create a great hiring experience and tell your brand story in an appealing way, you will attract the right people for your organisation.
  • Measuring and analysing performance – We may think that we have analytics nailed by using an excel spreadsheet and a few equations, unfortunately this is just not sufficient in the modern digital world. Being able to measure and analyse your performance using intelligence software is essential in order to spot areas in need of improvement, or conversely areas of success.



  • GDPR – Now we’ve stated the upcoming GDPR as a challenge for the coming year. However, if you have all of the correct processes in place, it should not adversely affect your recruiting. Take a look at our previous newsletter on how to prepare.
  • Optimum use of technology – Using the right digital tools will help speed up the application process, making it more attractive and interactive for potential candidates. Recruitment software will become even more advanced in 2018, with chatbots using AI to read messages and respond to candidates in a relevant and timely way. Check out last week’s newsletter for details on recruitment tech we can’t live without.
  • Skills shortage – With technology evolving ever faster around us, and as we’re losing existing employees, it’s becoming harder and harder to fill those skills gaps with equally qualified people. More than ever, over this year it will become crucial to focus on continuous education and qualification of existing employees in order to fill gaps.

Choose to rise to the challenge

Rather than being worried by these challenges in our field, we are excited by the opportunities that they offer for improving our recruiting. If we can face our challenges head on, it puts us in a good position to compete with our peers in the recruitment race of 2018!

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