Employee voice is crucial to your success as a brand

Employee voice is crucial to your success as a brand When getting across the most appealing aspects of your

Employee voice is crucial to your success as a brand

When getting across the most appealing aspects of your company, who better to be a brand ambassador than your current employees? As a recruiter, candidates are more likely to take your marketing seriously if it comes from an existing employee. After all, if they enjoy working for you, why wouldn’t a prospective candidate? If you want to use employee voice, it is of course imperative that current employees are happy and satisfied with their lot.

How important is employee voice?

Not only will employee voice support your recruitment goals, it will also increase productivity at work. An employee who has found their voice, and has it heard, is a happier employee in general. If we want our customers to receive the top brand experience, the workforce must be afforded the same standards from the employer.


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  • 70% of job seekers place heavy weight on the perceived value of the employer’s brand (Talent Sorter).
  • Most job seekers read at least 6 reviews before forming an opinion of a company.
  • 92% of candidates would consider leaving their jobs if a company with an excellent corporate reputation offered them another role.
  • According to an employee advocacy study, content can be shared up to 24 times more often when originally shared by employees. 52% of the content they share is trusted by candidates.

With an ongoing battle to attract and retain talent, knowing employees and what they like is vital to success. As there is an ever-growing emphasis on optimising the customer journey and experience, be careful not to leave current employees, your key advocates, behind!

Best ways to use employee voice

· Get to know your employees – Find out what they like and want. Being able to provide this will naturally make them reflect positively in their communication about your brand

· Be consistent with your branding – It’s all very well planning to use employees as advocates, however they need to know what they are promoting. Having a consistent and clear brand message and logo will ensure that they are promoting the right message

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· Social – Let’s face it, we’re all au fait with social media these days, and importantly we all spend a lot of our personal time on the top social channels. On average, employees can have 10 times as many connections on social media as a company (source: Social Chorus). For example, the increased reach of a company that has 200 – 400 employees could easily amount to 2,000 times or more. But make sure what they’re sharing about your brand is positive

· Glassdoor – Most of us will be familiar with TripAdvisor for searching holiday reviews but some will be surprised to hear of Glassdoor, the TripAdvisor of the employment world. Employees can post whatever they wish about their employer on Glassdoor. Making their work life pleasant, knowing what they want, and going the extra mile as an employer will surely help foster positive reviews.


· Employee advocacy programs – Scope out the specifics of what you want to create with employee advocacy. Are you aiming for an increase in positive Glassdoor reviews or purely to publicise a particular role you are recruiting for?By giving your employees the motivation to become brand advocates, you are creating an environment where they feel comfortable sharing.

· Set boundaries – Ok, so we don’t have to behave like their parents, but it is important to set firm guidelines for brand related shares (do’s and don’ts, words to use and not use, etc.). Personal shares of course are exempt from these strict rules.

Ensure your employee voice is a positive one

We’ve established that employee voice is a relatively simple and cheap way to spread positivity about your brand. By implementing an employee advocacy program and working hard to foster a positive working environment, you will have employees keen to act as the mouthpiece for your brand. Increase your chances of attracting those amazing candidates by using employee voice across every possible channel.

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