Google Hire: An exciting development for HR Technology

We brought you the news back in May that Google were making further steps into the recruitment marketplace with ‘Google Hire’. We only

We brought you the news back in May that Google were making further steps into the recruitment marketplace with ‘Google Hire’. We only really knew at the time that it was being beta tested by a few small businesses, specifically using its Applicant Tracking System. It has now been officially launched in the US, allowing businesses to sign up if they meet certain criteria.

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So how do you get to use Google Hire?

To be eligible, you must:

· Be a G Suite customer

· Have less than 1000 employees

· Be based in the US

Google Hire will then be an add-on to your G Suite package, meaning that you’ll be able to easily filter applicants, record their contact information, communicate with them, schedule interviews and manage the process from one location.

Is it any different to any other ATS?

The key with Google Hire is that it harnesses Google’s search power – a power not to be reckoned with! The app will have the following features:

· Interview scheduling – The hirer will be able to schedule interviews easily by having full visibility into the recruiter’s calendar. Google Hire will also import information into the calendar invite, including contact information, key questions to ask and the schedule for the interview.

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  • Email syncing – Whether you communicate with candidates via Google Hire or Gmail, your emails will sync, to ensure no important communications are missed.

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  • Tracking candidates – With Google Hire you will be able to track your candidate pipeline alongside your team, analysing the data in sheets.

  • Job posts – The Google Hire app will allow you to create job postings, which you can upload to Glassdoor, Indeed and Google. This allows job hunters using Google for Jobs to easily find opportunities.

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  • Keep track of excellent candidates – Google calls candidates ‘silver medalists’ who have just missed out on a position at interview stage, or rejected a job offer. The collections feature allows you to keep track of these candidates and sort them into lists, to easily find or contact them when another relevant position appears. 

This will surely ruffle some feathers.

As we mentioned back in May, Google dipping their toes further into the world of recruitment could send the competition into a frenzy. Google Hire certainly looks to be a worthwhile tool to keep an eye on, as harnessing Google’s searching power alone has got to give it an edge over the competition. We await news on its entry into the UK market!

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