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If you read our article about Facebook’s recent updates, and have been waiting to hear what else you

If you read our article about Facebook’s recent updates, and have been waiting to hear what else you can do to be the top recruiter on Facebook, well the wait is over, here are some more top tips. Read on for more useful information on how to reach out to Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users, we’d be shocked if you couldn’t find a perfect candidate amongst that number!

A quick reminder – why is Facebook so useful in recruiting?

You may think that recruiting is more suited to ‘professional’ social channels such as LinkedIn. However, with Facebook’s wider age range and demographic, your job opportunities are exposed to a broader audience. In fact:

  • 84% of job seekers have a Facebook profile (Time Business)

  • 81% of jobseekers want to see job opportunities posted to Facebook career pages (Work4)

These candidates may not be searching for a job, but you can be sure they’re browsing in their social time. A well placed and appealing ad may well snare you that perfect candidate that you’ve been looking for!

Top tips for recruitment success

Facebook Jobs Tab

At the moment, this is only available in the US. However, when Jobs Tabs are launched in the UK, they will potentially offer a new way of reaching job seekers. It could be a handy feature as candidates will be able to search and apply without leaving Facebook.

Top tip: Whilst the Jobs Tab feature could change quite a lot before launch in the UK, we think that it would give recruiters an excellent opportunity to present their positions through optimised text, images, and mobile optimisation. Watch this space!

Paid adverts – PPC collection ads

Collection ads represent some pre-made formats for Canvas Ads that just need images/video inputting. The great thing is that this simplifies the creation of Canvas Ads. The ads are mobile only, but an interesting feature is that they can link to multiple roles/destinations from one advert. This can be useful when targeting one audience with multiple relevant opportunities, such as graduates.

Top tip: If you’re looking to increase your exposure to passive candidates, this is a good way to go. When clicked on mobile, the ad opens a fast loading microsite with roles that can be scrolled between. They can feature between 4-50 different roles/clickable areas, increasing your reach to potential candidates.

Ads – Messenger destination option

Historically, when an ad was clicked, the user was directed to a URL destination. You now have the option of opening up a messenger window with customised text, video, images, and calls to action instead. This gives you the option to add your stamp as a brand further to the original advert. You can also add additional targeted information, making the ad tailored specifically to the type of candidate you are searching for.

Top tip: By directing a candidate to a messenger window, you have more opportunity to interact and sell your brand to them before they even apply. It gives you the chance to answer questions from candidates that might otherwise be a bar to entry, creating relationships with the talent pool.

Why you shouldn’t overlook Facebook in recruiting

As you can see, with access to 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is not a channel to be forgotten. If you’re getting it right and following our simple tips, you should see relevant candidates flooding through your doors. Don’t let your competitors pass you by, improve your Facebook recruiting today!

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