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Previously, we introduced some of our departments and gave you some of their top tips for recruitment marketing.

Previously, we introduced some of our departments and gave you some of their top tips for recruitment marketing. This time, we’ll be sharing with you our other areas of expertise and their tips for success. Getting your recruitment marketing right is so important in order to keep up with the competition and attract those elusive, perfect candidates.

A short intro to our Director, Giles Guest

Giles has 20 years of online recruitment experience. After founding, building and selling one of the first online recruitment businesses in Europe, Giles acquired Enhance Media in 2007. The business has grown 80% year on year and by focusing on data, has developed a unique and market leading position in the industry.


Our specialties

1. SEO

We deliver highly successful SEO campaigns across the major search engines, helping our clients achieve higher rankings and attract relevant candidates from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Top tip: Optimising the careers site for “Google For Jobs” is only the first step for employers to take. Job description pages and copy also have to be optimised in order to achieve high rankings within “Google For Jobs”.

2. PPC

We plan and run highly targeted paid campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Indeed and other job aggregators, to help our clients increase their reach to new target audiences and achieve their recruitment goals.

Top tip: Cross-device smart remarketing will reduce your recruitment costs, whilst still generating high quality job applications.

3. Video

We create innovative, interactive, recruitment videos to further improve job descriptions. Our job description videos are not only of high quality, but are fast to produce and they come at a low cost, enabling our clients to attract and convert the very best candidates.

Top tip: A pre-agreed structure for the job description video avoids expensive and time-consuming changes, thus reducing costs and production times.

4. Social Media

We plan and deliver research-led social media strategies across mainstream and niche social media channels, helping our clients to reach and attract candidates more effectively. We also support our clients by providing editorial guidance and consultancy to in-house social media teams.

Top tip: As well as helping employers reach out to a wider audience, “Employee Advocacy” will also make your content more trusted, acting as social proof when shared by a person known to the candidate.

5. Training

We run a wide range of training courses, from government-approved online recruitment training, to bespoke in-house training on recruitment copywriting, social media, analytics and other digital marketing areas. These courses empower our clients’ teams with the knowledge of how to run successful recruitment strategies and how to find candidates online at a reduced cost.

Top tip: Subscribe to newsletters from “Think with Google” to keep up to date with digital trends (thinkwithgoogle.com).

Why is recruitment marketing so important?

Getting your recruitment marketing right in terms of content and where you put it, is crucial in order to keep you ahead of the competition. Our teams can support you in putting together either a complete recruitment marketing strategy, or specific areas that you need some expert help with. By putting in place an excellent recruitment marketing strategy, you are putting your company in the perfect position to see those amazing candidate CVs flooding into your inbox.

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For support with your digital recruitment marketing, speak to us today. Please email info@enhancemedia.co.uk or call us on 01483 719020.

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