Our expertise is in attracting the best candidates, but we have some advice on the rest of the process

Our newsletters revolve around giving updates and advice on recruitment marketing, and why wouldn’t they as that’s our speciality. However,

Our newsletters revolve around giving updates and advice on recruitment marketing, and why wouldn’t they as that’s our speciality. However, it would be a disaster if you’ve done a great job in attracting the best candidates, only to lose them on the recruitment journey. We’ve put together some top tips for the essential areas of the recruitment journey, so let us help to take the hassle out of your hiring.

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Why you should worry about your recruitment journey

The statistics below clearly indicate that the candidate is in the driving seat when it comes to recruitment. Get your recruitment experience all wrong and you risk candidates running in the opposite direction…into the arms of your competitors.
  • 46% of candidates read company reviews before even speaking to a recruiter.
  • Almost 60% of job seekers report having a poor candidate experience.
  • Of those 60%, 72% shared information on it ‘online on an employer review site, such as Glassdoor, on a social networking site or directly with a colleague or friend’.

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    Top recruitment tips

    Companies that are successful in their hiring of good quality candidates are getting the following correct: attracting the candidates, evaluating them in several different ways, and spending time getting to know the candidates.
    Find our helpful tips here:

    · Coach your candidates – Be conscious to guide your candidates through the recruitment process, as a candidate that doesn’t feel confident and valued will not be getting a great feel for your company. Some candidates suffer from nerves during the application process – try to be aware of this and minimise areas of stress. Failure to do so may result in you not seeing their full potential.

    · Spend time on your job descriptions – Write clear and concise job descriptions and emphasise what you can do for the candidate. Attracting a candidate who thinks that they can work well with you is more likely to create a long working relationship. 

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    · Don’t forget employee referrals – Who could be better at recruiting great individuals with the right skills and personality to fit your company? Set up a generous reward scheme for employee referrals.
    · Look at your process – are there bottlenecks? – Take time out to regularly review your recruitment process, is there a particular sticking point that is slowing things down? Areas to look at could include: are you getting the right CVs in and is your interview process efficient? Sorting out a bottleneck could really help to speed things up and get those excellent candidates into a role.

    · Be flexible with your interview process – Being flexible with your interview process by either travelling to meet candidates, interviewing after working hours, or offering alternatives to face to face, will help to make things more convenient for your candidates. Don’t forget telephone, video or group interviews, as these will save you and the candidate valuable time.

    · Watch your Glassdoor reviews – Candidates are savvy and check reviews of companies before they even apply for a role, so keep your current employees happy to guarantee good reviews. If you don’t, you could risk losing the perfect candidate before they even apply.

    Get your recruitment process right or lose quality candidates

    As a result of your recruitment marketing, you’re seeing amazing candidates coming through your door – but they hit the ‘apply now’ button on your careers page and everything goes downhill from there. Does this sound familiar? Don’t let it be the case. Work on your recruitment process, from the candidate applying, to signing their contract. By following our simple tips, you are guaranteed to see happy and relevant candidates signing on the dotted line.

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