An Insight into Life at Enhance Media – A Specialist Recruitment Marketing Agency

We write to you every week with news from the recruitment world – seeing as you hear from us so

We write to you every week with news from the recruitment world – seeing as you hear from us so often we thought that it would be helpful to introduce our departments, what we do, and provide a top tip to help you with your recruitment marketing.

A short intro to the Enhance Media story…

Enhance Media is a specialist recruitment marketing agency. We’ve been working with employers, marketers and job boards since 2001 and pride ourselves on our technical and industry expertise. Our Director, Giles Guest, acquired Enhance Media in 2007 and has continued to grow the company year on year since then.
Our origins are in research, so Enhance stands out by taking a unique data-led approach. Our online recruitment work and services are informed by insight, and we also own and manage the three largest pieces of online recruitment research in the world.
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Our specialties

1. Digital Strategy

We develop realistic, actionable and measurable multi-channel digital marketing strategies to help our clients achieve their recruitment goals of attracting, engaging and converting candidates.

Top tip: Integrating search engine optimisation, organic, and paid social media into content creation and promotion will result in a wider reach, and ensure a consistent employer brand message across these attraction channels.

2. Analytics

We help our clients make fast decisions based on accurate analytics data, reducing cost-per-hire by ensuring budget is only used on the most effective channels. Our CRO team ensures that our clients’ careers sites are continually optimised to maximise job applications and registrations.

Top tip: Use Google Optimise as a cost-effective way of A/B testing site improvements that lead to more job applications.


3. Research
We carry out a wide range of research work, from “Competitor Analysis” and “Employer Perception Research”, to “Diversity Research” and “Candidate Insight Research”. This provides our clients with strategic consultancy and actionable insights to help them achieve their recruitment goals.

Top tip: A “Website Preference Survey” lets you hear opinions directly from your candidates, helping you to improve your careers site to match the specific expectations of your talent pool.

4. Websites

We build careers sites focused on the candidate experience, user journey and conversions. Our sites are SEO optimised, device responsive, and can be integrated with a wide range of applicant tracking systems.Top tip: Mobile first doesn’t mean mobile only. Don’t forget about the design and functionality of the desktop site, as 60-80% of candidates are applying for jobs on desktops and laptops.

We’d love to work with you

Keep a look out for another newsletter telling you about the 5 additional areas of our business. If you need support with any of the aspects of recruitment marketing that we’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Having an excellent digital strategy, top website and more will put you in good stead to attract the very best candidates.
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For help with optimising your job ad for mobile viewing, speak to Enhance Media today by emailing or call us on 01483 719020.

Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have built up a great knowledge of our business… the information getting out to our potential candidates is relevant and engaging.”

Head of Recruitment and Talent, ITV plc