Company Branding – How to Attract the Best Talent

A great employer brand will make candidates want to work for you – branding as an employer is about effectively communicating

A great employer brand will make candidates want to work for you – branding as an employer is about effectively communicating your company’s values, personality and culture to create the desired perceptions. Branding will affect every part of the interaction that a candidate has with you as an organisation, so making sure that your company branding is excellent will put you in a good place to attract quality candidates.
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Who is getting it right with their branding?

According to Socialtalent, 80% of talent leaders agree that their organisation’s employer brand has a “significant” impact on its ability to attract and hire great talent.
  • Burberry – Burberry use Instagram to showcase images of London and behind the scenes pictures of fashion shoots and shows. They occasionally post images of clothing but generally stick to showing what they’re up to as a company.
  • Mailchimp – Mailchimp use Snapchat to showcase their employees in order to give viewers an insight into life within the organisation. They hold Q&As with their employees, offer a view into life in the office with desk reveals, and show off their creativity.

How to strengthen your company brand

  • Get the best out of social – Interact with candidates on your social channels, make yourself available and engage in conversations by being open and honest. Candidates will see that you are a company that values opinions and its people. Use Instagram and Snapchat to share a visual insight into life at your organisation and interact on the channels that candidates will be using socially.
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  • Use employee referrals – There’s no better advertisement than current employees, as a satisfied employee who is referring a friend or colleague will have told them the best parts about working for you. Therefore internal branding is essential, get this working well and your employees will do the work for you.
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  • Show off what success looks like – Promote your top employee’s story – you could place a short video of them discussing this on social. Candidates will love a success story and it enables them to picture themselves working for you and achieving the same thing.
  • Share content on social – Use channels such as LinkedIn to share updates on either company news or relevant industry news, as being seen as an expert in your field will strengthen your company brand. Update these channels regularly and use them as a window into your organisation for prospective employees.


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  • Share your values – Be public about your company values in your recruitment materials, as well as on your careers site and social channels, and ensure that your employees reflect these values. Keep information up to date and use innovation where possible, such as 360-degree video to showcase your brand.
  • Show consistent branding – Ensure your brand runs through your company like a stick of rock. It should be present in any recruitment documents, on social channels, your careers page, and through to your place of work. Showing that you are confident in your brand will be appealing to candidates.

Why you can’t afford to get your branding wrong

As you are well aware, the world of recruitment is competitive and talented individuals are snapped up quickly, so don’t risk being the organisation that is overlooked in the recruitment battle by having a weak or vague company brand.. Follow our tips on how to strengthen your brand and you will not fail to see fantastic candidates flooding through your doors.
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