Facebook’s Taking Big Steps into the US and Canada Jobs Market

We spoke about Facebook’s trialling of a Jobs tab for business pages back in December last year – Facebook have

We spoke about Facebook’s trialling of a Jobs tab for business pages back in December last year – Facebook have now rolled out new jobs features in the US and Canada. They have openly said that the new tool will ‘help businesses find qualified people where they are already spending their time – on Facebook and on mobile’. It’s no secret that job seekers are increasingly looking at roles through mobile devices while on the go, for example LinkedIn recently let slip that they’re clocking in at 1.45 daily million mobile job views and receiving over 44,000 daily mobile job applications.

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The new features from Facebook aim to make it easier for job seekers and employers, whilst getting them to spend more time on Facebook products. So should other recruitment players be worried about this development? Well, if we were LinkedIn we may be feeling a little scared, as the recruitment networking site had approx. 106 million active monthly users as of the last quarter of 2016. Facebook dwarfed this with almost 2 billion per month!

What are Facebook aiming to achieve with the jobs function?

It’s been possible for a while for employers to create their own Jobs tabs with custom tabs and third-party developers, and Facebook acknowledges that this is following a pre-existing trend. From February 15th this year, it has been possible for US and Canadian business users to create a job post, track applications and communicate with the applicant directly. Crucially, candidates can check for job openings on a specific ‘Jobs on Facebook’ tab, making things easier.

The difference for this official new development is what it represents in terms of strategy, as Facebook looks to become a place to check with preferred employer brands for roles – sound familiar?

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To make job searching easy and convenient, job posts may appear in our News Feeds, in the new bookmark for jobs, and alongside other posts on business Pages. Posts can be boosted, in the same way other posts can be, to appeal to a wider audience. When an applicant clicks on the ‘Apply Now’ button, a form opens that’s pre-populated with information from their profile on Facebook. Information can be reviewed and edited before submitting it.

Should other recruitment players be worried?

It would be easy to assume that LinkedIn would be Facebook’s biggest target in order to dominate the jobs market. However, Facebook, with their mission of ‘connecting the world’, cater to a much broader demographic as the platform is used by 75% of US adults in every income bracket. LinkedIn, with their premium subscription option, which arguably offers a better user experience than the basic option, are possibly aiming at the higher earner bracket. According to the Pew research centre, LinkedIn only had 21% of users who make less than $30,000.

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With their broader user demographic, it seems that Facebook could be looking to dominate not just LinkedIn, but the wider jobs market in the future. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that LinkedIn is well established and has a high level user base, using the site for networking and sharing their business updates. Watch this space…

What does this mean for recruitment?

Any new way of advertising job vacancies is going to be a good thing for candidates and recruiters alike. It provides us with new tools and strategies to attract unique candidates to roles in novel ways. As applying to roles through social media becomes easier and more convenient through automatically filled applications and integration onto potential candidates’ native platforms, prioritising social media as a method of recruiting may well be the way forward.

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