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All You Have To Do Is Post on a Few Job Boards to Attract Quality Candidates

Well, not quite, you wish! There is much more to recruitment marketing than purely advertising your positions – you need to be promoting

Well, not quite, you wish! There is much more to recruitment marketing than purely advertising your positions – you need to be promoting your company brand to its best, using the latest social channels to interact with potential candidates, and utilising the most up to date technology and analytics. So let’s look at how you can perfect your recruitment marketing strategy.

Recruitment marketing – the facts

If your company needs to tighten its recruitment strategy, here are some facts that are sure to provide food for thought:

  • According to LinkedIn’s Global recruiting trends report, companies only spend 8% of their recruiting budget on employer branding.
  • Organisations that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire.
  • Organisations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%.

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It’s worth keeping the latest trends in mind, such as social media and mobile technology, when planning your recruitment marketing. Technologies such as artificial intelligence are also becoming incredibly useful in targeting those difficult to reach candidates.

The essentials of your recruitment marketing strategy:

  • Video – Using good video in your recruitment campaign is essential to keep up with your competitors. A video with a team member will have a lot more effect than a bland post on your company website or social channels.

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  • Social Media – Don’t just rely on the same old channels, candidates will want to know that you are ‘with it’ and if you want to reach the most innovative candidates, you need to reach out this way. Utilise different channels such as Snapchat, Twitter Periscope and YouTube.
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  • Technology – Be smart about which technology you use – syndicated display advertising technology, the latest applicant tracking tools, and semantic search tools will set your recruitment marketing campaign up for success.
  • Company branding – This is essentially how your business is perceived as an employer, so make use of review sites such as Glassdoor – keep your existing employees happy and good reviews will roll in. As candidates will research your company before applying, don’t risk losing them before they step foot in the door.
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  • Candidate experience – A great candidate deserves a great experience throughout the application process. Make it easy for them – cut out lengthy application forms and communicate well throughout the process.
  • Optimise for search engines – Around 65% of recruitment website traffic comes through search engines, so make sure that candidates can find your job posts by making them easy to index by search engines such as Google.
  • Mobile optimisation – As candidates spend the majority of their time on the internet using their mobiles, you should optimise your content for mobile viewing. Don’t optimise for mobile and you risk candidates getting bored and moving onto the next recruiter.

Keep up with the competition, get your recruitment marketing right

Now you’ve seen how easy it is to get your recruitment marketing in the best possible place to attract quality candidates, you’ve got no excuses. Put the simple tips we’ve given you into practice, and you’ll see a massive uplift in the numbers of excellent candidate CVs you’ll see.


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