Getting Social: The Key to Connecting with Candidates on Mobile

The shift to mobile is becoming more pronounced year-on-year, as more searches are now taking place on mobile

The shift to mobile is becoming more pronounced year-on-year, as more searches are now taking place on mobile devices than desktop computers. This significant milestone underpins a powerful transition away from traditional routes of accessing information, to more convenient methods.

It is through the interconnected relationships between mobile, social media, and people that allows candidates to be targeted effectively and more often than ever before. Social media helps to bridge the gap between candidate and employer – by embracing this platform, you can establish a relationship with them and drive engagement.

Why you shouldn’t ignore this recruitment path

Coupofy’s Smartphone User Behaviour Report revealed that:

  • 41% of millennials check and update their social media first thing in the morning

  • Facebook is the most popular social channel among older millennials, while Instagram and Twitter are preferred by younger millennials

  • 52% of millennials think that checking social media is the main advantage of owning a smartphone


As the statistics indicate, millennials are extremely attached to the world of social media – so much so that many of them check their connection with the world before even getting out of bed. With the rise of mobile and social engagement both happening at the same time, this creates an unmissable opportunity that employers can exploit in order to reach candidates.


Social media has amplified recruitment opportunities

There’s no doubt that social media has had a hugely positive effect on recruitment opportunities. This makes it an ideal time to use social media as a tool for connecting with candidates, as well as creating a strong branded image.

72% of UK talent acquisition leaders believe employer brand has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent.

Moreover, social recruiting is not limited to professional networks such as LinkedIn – platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can also be utilised to capture the attention of candidates. With the rise of ‘immediate’ messaging apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, we are now seeing a move away from more traditional platforms to engage candidates.


Social media is also a highly effective way of reaching passive candidates – those who might not have explored other job possibilities or are uneasy about making a career move, but are still open to the idea if the right position came along. According to CareerBuilder’s Candidate Behaviour Study, 70% of full-time employees are open to or are actively looking for new job opportunities.

How to utilise social media to reach candidates

  • A day-in-the-life of – candidates want to see what it’s like to work at your organisation, don’t just tell them – show them. This can be achieved through offering a glimpse into the workplace and the people who work there.

  • Show your workplace culture ­– showcase whatever it is that makes your company unique. If you have a particularly fun or dynamic working environment, get this across to your candidates.

  • Industry updates – the candidates that you want to attract will most likely be interested in what is happening in your industry, so keep them updated with the latest goings-on.

  • How-to guides – offer any information that will support candidates and help them become more successful in your organisation.

  • Visual and engaging content – pictures and videos are more engaging than text, so be sure to include creative materials to further engage candidates.

  • Career opportunities ­– you’re using social media ultimately as a recruitment tool, so don’t forget to post about any job openings you have and what it is that makes these roles interesting.

What does this mean for recruitment strategies?

These days, candidates are in the driving seat, so organisations need to work harder to actively engage them. As candidates are much more diligent in their job-searching process, your organisation won’t even appear on their radar unless you build a strong presence on social channels.

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have partnered with Reed Exhibitions globally to help us to improve our candidate attraction practices. They created a social media strategy including a review of leading platforms resulting in a more consolidated approach which improved coordination and saved costs. Enhance Media designed and build a new careers page for Reed Exhibitions and project manage our social media posting. Our teams enjoy working with the Enhance project group, we respect their professional approach, customer focus and flexibility”

Global Human Resources Director, Reed Exhibitions