6 Social Media Trends that Will Take Over 2017

A key trend in 2016 was an explosion in the use of live video, with Twitter leading this

A key trend in 2016 was an explosion in the use of live video, with Twitter leading this trend by acquiring Periscope, a live streaming app in 2015. Snapchat followed in 2016 with Snapchat stories, Facebook with Facebook Live and Instagram with Instagram Stories.

Not surprisingly Facebook has continued to sit at the top of the charts in 2016 due to user numbers, time spent on site and growth. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat and LinkedIn also saw growth last year. A site that has fallen behind is Twitter, causing much speculation over its future!

What does the future hold for these channels?

With mobile viewing dominating the social media market by 90% it’s not surprising that all channels are starting to look very similar. They monitor user numbers as well as interaction and therefore adapt their sites in similar ways accordingly. All channels allow interaction by sharing of text, video, images, chat or message functions and the great thing for recruiters is that candidates engage with all channels in a similar way, so it’s very familiar to them.

  • If Twitter doesn’t find a way to draw in more users it will be acquired for it’s user base and data, or cease to exist altogether.

  • Instagram will concentrate on ‘Direct’, their messaging tool, working on their video offering and improving their business tool.

  • For Facebook, 2017 is likely to be an investment year, with focus on oculus rift, their virtual reality headset.

The 6 key social media trends for 2017

Virtual reality video and live-streaming

Candidates are driving to be participants rather than spectators and want to share in company’s experiences, understanding company values and culture, before engaging in the application process. In 2017 it is likely that we will continue to see the rise of virtual and “in the moment” digital content.

Niche marketing

Candidates want a lesser volume of content that is more relevant to them. Pinpointing specific groups of candidates, understanding your audience and delivering niche content is going to be more important than ever.

Spotlight on mobile and apps

Following on from the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft during 2016 we could see a variety of changes in 2017 and looking at current trends there will be a spotlight on apps and mobile.

Use of Chatbots for customer service queries

Facebook Messenger and Slack are using Chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and provide instant responses. There are already 11,000 Facebook Messenger Bots in use, the Sprout social Q2 index in 2016 noted that 34.5% of survey respondents prefer to use social media for customer service.

Focus on business tools

Instagram launched its Business Tools feature in 2016, this works in a similar way to Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics. There is the likelihood that other platforms will build on their existing offerings to create specific and targeted business focused tools.

Events in channel

There is a growing demand to view content where we find it, therefore traffic to websites and blogs will decrease. Analytics and data within these channels and understanding how they form part of the application process will become crucial to prove their success.


The six key elements above are relevant to every channel used. Incorporating these into your social media strategy will be the only way to succeed and stand out in another year of change and ongoing developments in the fast paced world of recruitment social media.

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