Social Media Recruiting isn’t Working… But it Could

Why should social media recruiting be easy? Plus, more than half of all recruiters rated candidates sourced from

Why should social media recruiting be easy?

Plus, more than half of all recruiters rated candidates sourced from social media as “highest quality.”

So using social media to recruit should be easy?

Unfortunately, not. Without clear ROI, a lack of skills and strategy, recruitment via social media can still seem to elicit cries of frustration with questions about how to demonstrate its value within the business and provide quantifiable results.

Social recruiting is here to stay and it’s time to ensure you have the right skills, tools and strategy to achieve long-term success

Here’s how to improve your social recruiting game…

1. Set up the right type of tracking

Have you got conversion tracking set-up? Are you tagging every URL? Are you assessing your reports to see where traffic and applications are coming from? Getting the right analytics set-up is key to providing ROI data to the business.

2. One-click apply button

Still asking candidates to fill in cumbersome application forms? For some roles this is essential, for others it’s not. Assess where you could implement a ‘one-click apply’ button to relieve candidate frustration when using mobile devices and increase application quality and numbers.

3. Don’t wait until it’s time to hire to start posting content

Attracting passive candidates means nurturing relationships over time. By doing this successfully the target candidates will be aware of you and the opportunities offered before you have openings to fill.

4. If something isn’t working then stop

It’s not always logical to spend your time and effort on big channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The numbers are huge, but it’s loud and hard to cut through the noise when your audience may not even be paying attention there. With your ideal candidate profile in mind, you can find out which platforms your ideal candidates are most likely to be using and target your efforts there.

5. Source smarter

Apply smarter searching skills to the most popular social media channels. Utilising newer tools such as Facebook Graph search, Recruit’Em and Entello will allow recruiters to access more candidates, particularly those working in niche fields.

6. Test out new channels

Trial emerging channels such as Instagram and Snapchat for specific audiences. There are also specialist job boards including Stack Overflow, Github Jobs and Dribble for roles within technology such as developers. These job boards have been specifically created on social networks as a means of attracting niche and tech candidates.

7. Social media integrations

The Chrome extension Workable, blends seamlessly with social media. It enables you to import prospective candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and professional networks such as Dribbble, Behance, and Github.Of course it would be foolish to embark upon any recruitment activity without having the right tracking in place so ensure you do that piece first!

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Enhance Media

“Enhance Media have partnered with Reed Exhibitions globally to help us to improve our candidate attraction practices. They created a social media strategy including a review of leading platforms resulting in a more consolidated approach which improved coordination and saved costs. Enhance Media designed and build a new careers page for Reed Exhibitions and project manage our social media posting. Our teams enjoy working with the Enhance project group, we respect their professional approach, customer focus and flexibility”

Global Human Resources Director, Reed Exhibitions