The Easy Pickings of Bing PPC for Recruitment

Many advertisers don’t give Bing a second thought when it comes to deciding which channels to advertise on.

Many advertisers don’t give Bing a second thought when it comes to deciding which channels to advertise on. Whilst Google is the UK’s most popular search engine with an 86.75% share of the market, Bing holds a 9.29% market share which could support the hunt for niche and hard to find candidates.

It may be a surprise that Bing Ads have some powerful advantages for recruitment advertising that Google simply doesn’t. Along with the potential to deliver greater ROI, this makes Bing an extremely attractive proposition to accompany your Google activity. Here we explain why:

The advantages of using Bing

  • Less competition – This makes it easier to have your message seen and increase brand exposure.

  • Lower costs (CPC) – Because of the reduced competition, CPC’s on Bing are generally much cheaper than on Google, meaning you get more clicks for your budget.

  • More engaged – Bing users are a very different demographic to Google users and are more engaged, meaning they will be more likely to take action and apply for roles.

  • New audience – Bing allows you to reach new active candidates that you can’t reach on Google.

  • Additional traffic – Where roles are very niche or are restricted by location, a lot of the time Google will not be able to drive the volumes of traffic you need, so supplementing this with Bing will help increase exposure for those roles.

The Growth of Bing

The benefits above highlight why Bing is a great network to compliment Google, but did you know that Bing is on the rise and growing quickly? Since the introduction of Windows 10, which has more than 270 million active users, Bing has managed to double its market share in the UK in the past year to 18%.

Bing is used as the default search engine on the Microsoft Edge browser, as well as Cortana, which are core features of Windows 10 and both have helped Bing increase its market share dramatically. It is also used by Siri on Apple devices.

Whilst Bing won’t catch up with Google anytime soon, with the increased user base it is certainly a search engine to take seriously and one well worth utilising to source candidates.

I’m sold… but isn’t it difficult to use?

If you already have recruitment campaigns set up on AdWords, then taking advantage of Bing’s campaign import option allows any experienced advertiser to duplicate the AdWords campaigns for use in Bing.

This option ensures that the campaigns don’t need to be created twice, keeping the setup costs to a minimum but giving you full access to the range of benefits Bing can provide.

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