Is Google Considering an Entry into Recruitment?

The search team at Enhance Media have recently noticed an interesting trend in recruitment-related search results. These changes

The search team at Enhance Media have recently noticed an interesting trend in recruitment-related search results. These changes have led us to question whether Google have prioritised their algorithm to test the water for an entry into recruitment.

We believe these changes will have a real impact on search marketing strategy in the recruitment industry.

This shake-up in recruitment-related search engine results is around an increase in the search term ‘Jobs Near Me’. From the graph below you can see that from the beginning of 2015, the number of searches for this particular term slowly started to rise, then experienced exponential growth during 2016.

What does this mean for Google?

Whilst the number of searches doesn’t necessarily effect the Google algorithm – a) we can’t be the only ones to have noticed this trend, and b) often increases in search terms are triggered by improvements in results which is something Google has direct control over.

Also recruitment is not alone. According to Google data from March 2016 search queries containing a location qualifier such as “nearby” or “near me” have doubled in the past year. With 80% of those searches coming from mobile devices.

What does this mean for you?

Whether or not Google is planning on entering the recruitment space, the increase in popularity of these search terms shows that localisation will be critical in SEO for recruitment.

Companies need to ensure their jobs are appearing high in the search results for the locations where they are based.

Not implementing local SEO will mean candidates find other jobs during their searches, even when they are specifically seeking your roles.

What can you do about it?

Our search team recommend capitalising on the increase in ‘Jobs Near Me’ search terms by:

1. Implementing Job Posting Schema
2. Ensuring that every job listing is enhanced with this schema.

The benefits of doing these two simple things are:

1. Increased Traffic

Job Schema is a clear way to differentiate job listings from the rest of the results served by search engines. When your listings have the added rich snippets features they will stand out on the search results page by displaying useful additional information. This will help to increase the clicks your search listings receive, increasing overall traffic to your site.

2. More relevant traffic

By adding extra information to the search result in Google you present the jobseeker with all the information they need at a glance. This will improve content relevancy which in turn means you will get better quality candidates to your careers site and job listings.

3. Increased brand influence

By being an early adopter of this feature, you visibly demonstrate to candidates you are dedicated to providing a valuable recruitment experience.

What results could you expect?

Having implemented Job Schema for a number of our clients, we have seen very positive results and in some cases our clients have achieved top rankings in Google’s search results for terms such as ‘pharmacy jobs near me’ and others as shown below:

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