Rounding off your Recruitment Marketing Strategy with Immersive Video

Although video has been used successfully in recruitment marketing for a while now, it’s time to start looking at

Although video has been used successfully in recruitment marketing for a while now, it’s time to start looking at more interactive ways of working with the format. Take advantage of the continued increase in smartphone ownership and a forecasted 19.8% rise in video consumption this year to attract the best and brightest with immersive video.

Also known as 360 or spherical videos, immersive videos are recordings of a real-world panorama, where the view in every direction is shot at the same time, using an omnidirectional camera or collection of cameras. It’s arguably the next best thing to seeing an office or work environment and meeting your future colleagues or boss in person, which is too good an opportunity for an employer brand to pass up.

The days of just pointing a camera at talking heads, sharing it across your social channels and expecting a return are long past. Creating an immersive video is about creating a campaign that puts your candidates at the heart of your organisation and allows them to interact with your employer brand in an entirely new way. By adding value and encouraging engagement, you’ll keep your organisation front of mind for potential candidates.

The rise of choose-your-own video formats

Immersive video is interactive video, as it allows the viewer to pan and scroll, choosing their perspective as the video plays. As a candidate, imagine being able to virtually walk through an organisations door and choose which department to take a look at. Going for a tour through that office space, meeting the relevant team members, seeing the kitchen facilities available and then being able to choose to hear about the role available from one of the bosses or about the benefits available from a colleague.

By self-selecting their content journey and creating a customized learning path, candidates are gaining access to the information they need without having to search for different content assets, all while enjoying an immersive and highly persuasive experience.

This 1-to-1 video personalisation offers a huge opportunity for recruiters to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by their candidates.

The stats stack up when it comes to investing in immersive

So what would work well in an immersive video?

1. Employee testimonials
These allow actual employees to give first-hand, non-scripted, testimonials. Topics can include the career opportunities available, the working environment, team dynamics and company events.

2. Depict the company culture
The company culture is often what moulds the minds of the people there and impacts whether they stay or not. Give candidates an insight into the culture of a working environment.

3. Show how your company is different
What is unique about working at your company in particular? Present these by allowing candidates to experience them virtually!

4. Give a behind-the-scenes tour
What do your management do? Where do they sit? Provide some footage and an experience that allows candidates to experience ‘under the bonnet’ of an organisation.

5. Live stream events
Increase the audience for a real event, as it happens, by allowing potential candidates who may not be able to attend to experience it online

Why the time is now to embrace immersive video

  • The novelty of interactive video is appealing. Just 11% of online adults have tried virtual reality to date, though 30% are eager to.

  • It creates an opportunity for an organisation to become a candidate’s first immersive video experience.

  • This is intense and exciting content, organisations will be able to deepen their connection with potential candidates.

  • Candidates will then associate the organisation with technological innovation, which is always top of the list for candidate requirements!

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“Enhance Media have produced 9 fully interactive video job descriptions for John Lewis Partnership which have been really well received by our resourcing team, hiring managers as well as candidates. We love the natural and honest feel to the videos, the excitement they bring about the role as well as providing a realistic portrayal, and the interactive element helps really bring the role to life. They are really useful as a self-selection tool for candidates to help them decide if it’s the right role for them – much more enlightening and interesting than a traditional job description”

Resourcing Strategy Manager, John Lewis Partnership