We run the only government approved online recruitment training in the UK.  With the best training, your team will maximise the opportunities presented by online recruitment, saving you money and adding value to your business.

Market Leading In-House Training

Enhance Media have trained more people in effective online recruitment than any other organisation in the UK. We are the only government approved online recruitment training company in the UK and the only training provider in the country who can provide nationally recognised qualifications in online recruitment.

Our in-house training courses include:

BTEC Effective E-Recruitment

Learn and practice the six key components of a successful internet recruitment strategy, and discover how to find better candidates online at a reduced cost.

Each of our one-day in-house training courses delivers a formal BTEC qualification as well as the practical skills and strategic ability to improve online recruitment performance.

BTEC Online Recruitment Copywriting

Learn how to create online copy that is optimised and crafted to attract the best of talent and reduce the number of irrelevant applications.

BTEC Social Media in Online Recruitment

Understand the future of social direction of online recruitment and how to use social media effectively as part of your hiring process.

BTEC LinkedIn for Online Recruitment

Understand how to use LinkedIn and other business networks effectively as part of a hiring process.