Understand the future of recruitment and how to use social media effectively as part of a hiring strategy.


On this course you will explore various ways of engaging with your candidates and how to use social media to win new business. You will leave the course with a solid understanding of how to implement a successful social media campaign and what they can expect to gain form their efforts.

This unique course is the UK’s only one-day social media in online recruitment training course approved by the government and Edexcel.

“I now feel confident about putting a social media strategy together.” Carphone Warehouse


Training Objectives

• Analyse why social media is so important and what can be achieved using social media.
• Learn about “The Big Three” ie. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and if these could work for you.
• Explore how social media fits into your current strategy.
• Learn how to engage with candidates in niche social media channels.
• Learn how to create and write content to attract relevant candidates.

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For course timetables you can download our training social media course pdf.