Social Media Services from Enhance Media

Enhance Media’s research-led social media strategies help recruiters use mainstream channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and niche social media channels (blogs, forums, newsgroups etc) to find, reach and attract candidates more effectively online.


e-15x15   Official LinkedIn European Partner                                  e-15x15   Supported by precise research and measurement
e-15x15   Experts in niche content marketing                                  e-15x15   Set-up and support for infrastructure & Brand Positioning
e-15x15   Candidate and client attraction                                  e-15x15   Retained support

SM in 2015

In 2015, we’ll be watching the rise of real-time marketing and data-driven creativity, as well as the growing importance of mobile compatibility. Social media is now increasingly recognised as an integral part of a wider digital recruitment marketing strategy and viewed as a highly cost-effective solution for talent attraction and employer brand building.

Visual content on social media platforms will continue to evolve, as demonstrated by the recent proliferation of video, and will play a key role in enabling brands to engage with targeted audiences. As more established social media platforms reach market saturation, we also expect to see greater fragmentation in social channels as people increasingly turn to newer, more innovative platforms offering alternative ways to consume content.

At Enhance Media, we develop bespoke social recruitment strategies, provide social media consultancy, and deliver support with all aspects of content creation and community management. Our strength lies in our ability to support organisations with integrating social media into their recruiting strategies, backed by extensive experience and comprehensive research. We equip our clients with market best-practice to effectively attract the very best talent in today’s competitive recruitment landscape.

Olivia Thomas
Olivia’s passion is communication, both with and for our clients. Her ability to execute multi-channel social media campaigns, analyse their effectiveness and optimise future campaigns accordingly has proved hugely effective. Having spent 5 years in New Zealand, Olivia brings a fresh perspective to the team. A keen sailor, when not in the office she can be found exploring the Solent.

Steven Pease
Steven is our content marketing executive. His enthusiasm for writing and visual design drives everything he does. Outside work he enjoys accumulating air-miles, snapping photos and going to concerts.

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