Enhance Media’s research-led social media strategies help recruiters use mainstream channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and niche social media channels (blogs, forums, newsgroups etc) to find, reach and attract candidates more effectively online.


e-15x15   Official LinkedIn European Partner                                                           e-15x15   Supported by precise research and measurement
e-15x15   Experts in niche content marketing                                                          e-15x15   Set-up and support for infrastructure & Brand Positioning
e-15x15   Candidate and client attraction                                                                 e-15x15   Retained support

SM in 2015Looking forward, we expect emerging channels Google+, Glassdoor and Pinterest to continue to grow. As visual content on social media channels becomes increasingly important in client attraction and engagement, these channels will become more important in social recruiting strategies. Gamification will also feature highly as recruiters look to attract Gen Y, and mobile will change the way we use social media.

We are constantly working to ensure our clients’ strategies keep up to date with changes in social media. As social media platforms and usage evolve, we will be working to find the right solution for each client.

Jasmine Sia
As Social Media Manager within the delivery team, Jasmine ensures that the team delivers high quality social media strategies. Jasmine is very active on social media and loves to engage with her networks to explore new trends and tools to both enhance client campaigns and guide our work internally.

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