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Knowing what to do and how to do it before you act is the difference between rapid, low-cost success and expensive trial and error. Enhance Media are the UK market leaders in online recruitment research.


e-15x15   3 largest pieces of online recruitment research in the world             e-15x15   Dedicated research team conducts research for you
e-15x15   Strategic consultancy to provide actionable insight                             e-15x15   Bespoke research to match your unique needs
e-15x15   Research to increase ROI of marketing spend                                       e-15x15   Data to understand your niche target audiences


noras1500,000 active candidates delivering job seeking preferences and insight

ehireNearly 20,000 passive candidates providing data about reach and attraction.

rose Online recruitment research about employer careers sites


cUSTOMISE-SURVEY-ICONEnhance Media can customise surveys to fit seamlessly with your brand identity.  To offer a consistent user experience, build trust and reassure candidates that the survey has come from you. Achieve better quality data and boost response rates by delivering questions to respondents with familiar look-and-feel, whether they choose to respond on a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device.

RSH in 2015

As the economy picks up, use of online recruitment channels by employers and recruitment consultancies alike is ready to boom. Our research shows that three quarters of employers plan to increase online recruitment presence in the coming year. Almost half already use or intend to use paid advertising on the Google Search Network and Facebook. Candidates are increasingly using search engines and social media to look for jobs and expect employers to reach them through these channels. It is now more important than ever to improve your online recruitment presence to reach the best candidates most effectively.

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Candidate use of social media and mobile phones for job seeking has skyrocketed since last year. Our NORAS research shows that:
e-15x15   52%  now use mobile phones to browse career info
e-15x15   Use of Twitter for job seeking has quadrupled since 2012
e-15x15   Use of LinkedIn for viewing jobs has almost trebled since 2012

Employers have responded with increasing presence on online channels to attract and engage with candidates. Our ROSE research shows that:  
e-15x15    83% of employers rate social media as useful for recruitment
e-15x15   45% of employers use or intend to use paid advertising on the Google Search Network

Tom Smith at your service

Tom is our Research and Marketing Analyst that specialises in research and analytics projects. He has a business degree from the University of Bath and loves using data to support and improve your marketing campaigns, websites, conversion rates, and much more.